Major Types of Head Injuries

What Are The Major Types of Head Injuries?

Many of us do suffer an injury on the head, be it sometime during when we were kids or as adults. However, the intensity of head injuries does differ from situation to situation. Hence, before jumping onto the different types of head injuries, lead us first to understand what a head injury means. What is a head injury? Every degree of damage to the brain, skull, or scalp is referred to as a head…
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How Long After Head Injury Do Symptoms Appear?

Head Injuries can be confusing because they may not give a painful sensation immediately. It might take a couple of hours or days for a person to realize the swell or wound. Sometimes, it also happens that a person feels perfectly okay throughout the day, and sudden pain is felt as soon as the head is rested on the pillow in the night. Some might wonder after many days why their scalp is hurting…
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