Parkinson’s diseases

What Are The Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease?

We are sure many of you must have heard about Parkinson’s diseases, but not many actually understand what they are true. Hence, to make it clear here we are sharing all the details about the disease. Parkinson's Disease begins in the brain cells that control movement, known as neurons. Dopamine is a chemical produced by neurons. When neurons die and dopamine levels in the brain drop,…
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Parkinson's disease

How Parkinson’s Affects Your Movement?

Parkinson's has become a common problem now, and it is not a hidden disease. Parkinson's as a problem has many symptoms to offer which helps the individuals to make out when they are suffering from the same. A person who has Parkinson's disease can experience a variety of motions. Some people will only have one or two of these symptoms, while others will have them all. Similarly, the severity of…
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