Spine Tumors

What are My Treatment Options for Spine Tumors?

A spine tumor¬†is the growth of an abnormal mass of tissues within or covering the spinal cord, where these cells multiply and grow uncontrollably. The tumor causes pain mainly during standing or sitting, and it usually depicts that the tumor is weakening the bones of the spine. The Diagnosis:¬†Spinal Tumors are often failed to notice, as the symptoms are of common health issues, and also, the…
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Keyhole Spine Surgery

What Do You Need to Know About Keyhole Spine Surgery?

Keyhole spine surgery is one of the most demanding surgeries in the current times, and there are many individuals who are looking forward to knowing more about it. Hence, before actually coming to why keyhole spine surgery is important, it is always better to understand what we mean by keyhole spine surgery and what benefit it provides. Hence, in this thread, we will be giving a brief about…
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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Which Are The Things That You Need To Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) is a kind of medical procedure on the bones of your (like a spine). This type of medical procedure uses more modest entry points than a standard medical procedure. This frequently makes fewer issues close by muscles and various tissues. It can prompt less torment and quicker recuperation after a medical process. We are all aware, that a spine injury can be…
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spin surgery

How Long Is Recovery After Spine Surgery?

The human body is a mystery that humans have finally begun to solve piece by piece. The spinal cord is one essential part of this puzzle, without which the whole riddle would be irrelevant, meaning the body would seize to function. That is why it is necessary to understand the problems that an injured or defected spinal cord can cause. And everyone also needs to know which surgeries can help…
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Back Surgery

How Much Should I Walk After Back Surgery?

Any surgical procedure can be tough on the body - but recovery is surely possible. Along with the right medical care and social support, getting back to physical exercise is also important. However, rushing into things can lead to complications and put unnecessary strain on the body.  Back Surgery and Movement  Back surgery can lead to mobility issues, as the lower half of the body may…
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When Should You Go For Spine Surgery? Indications For Individuals With Back Issues!

The human body is a machine that needs the proper fuel to stay strong and healthy. It is usually with a disturbed lifestyle that individuals tend to develop a lot of issues. Most commonly, as you start aging, problems like muscle pain, back pain, spinal cord damage, etc., start to form its roots. If you have spinal problems, then it is better to act sooner, than suffer later on. Since the spinal…
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Guide to Understanding Causes & Prevention of Back Pain

Back pain is affecting individuals all around the world. Due to changing lifestyles, it has become a common condition, even in youngsters. Unlike other parts of the body, the back is crucial. The backbone affects the way we walk, co-ordinate different body parts, sit, and so forth. If any problem arises in the back, it could lead to serious health problems. Thus, it becomes important to know the…
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