Dermal Fillers How Much Do You Really Need

Dermal Fillers How Much Do You Really Need

How much does dermal filler one require? We get this question a lot, and the answer isn’t always as simple as it appears. A patient’s age, UV damage, and even smoking are just a few of the many factors determining how much filler they need. Your aims and the type of improvement you seek must also be considered. So, how much filler will you need to achieve your goal?

One syringe contains how much dermal filler?

Understanding how much filler is in each syringe is critical before exploring how much you could further need for your face. One syringe of dermal filler contains one cubic centimeter of Hyaluronic Acid. We’re here to help – 1cc is only a fifth of a teaspoon, as you might expect. It takes five full syringes of filler to get just one teaspoon of stuffing. 

As a general rule, the filler should be used sparingly

We begin to lose roughly 1cc of collagen or volume in our faces every year in our 30s. To recapture their youthful and full appearance, most patients will need one syringe of filler every decade of age. Another way to look at it is to say that a 30-year-old would need three needles, a 4-year-old needs four, and so on until you get to 50-year-olds, who would need five. In addition to UV damage and smoking, we also take into consideration, because of this and the fact that smokers and people who have spent a lot of time in the sun will likely require more.

Let’s chat about what you want to accomplish in the future

More filler is required from the Botox treatment clinic in Gurgaon if you want a subtle improvement but doesn’t radically alter your physical appearance. As an example, someone in their 30s may only require a one cc syringe of filler, whereas someone in their 50s may require 3-1cc fillers to achieve the same result. Lips and other places can also benefit from this rule of thumb.

Adding extra filler to your treatment plan is necessary if you want to see significant improvements in your appearance. Many variables come into play, including your specific goals and the state of the skin or face. To get an accurate estimate of how many syringes of filler you’ll need, it’s essential to talk to a medical practitioner about these aims.

Which dermal filler should I try first?

To achieve the most natural-looking results, your doctor will likely recommend a combination of different types of fillers. There are a variety of fillers in Injectable Fillers in Gurgaon within each category, each with another purpose and concentration of the active component. For example, there are five other Restylane lines, and each one is utilized for a different purpose. Restylane Lyft comes in larger particle sizes, like the bricks in a foundation, so it’s easier to work with. It’s possible to “rebuild” cheekbones with larger particles, whereas Restylane Silk’s smaller particle size is ideal for fine wrinkles and plumping lips.

Before obtaining fillers, what precautions do you recommend that I take?

It should go without saying that your primary concern should be the safety of any medical procedure you consider. If you’re looking for an expert dermatologist in Gurgaon  or a plastic surgeon, you’ll want to be sure they’re board certified. The additional certification phase demonstrates that the doctor has completed additional training in their specific specialty. Even though dermal fillers are readily available at medical spas, you should only have them administered by licensed and trained specialists. If injections are done poorly, there are risks of infection, discoloration, and lumps.

If you’re going to get injections, it’s best to get them from a board-certified plastic surgeon. Those who seek the services can count on receiving quality treatment in a warm and welcoming setting. Everything revolves around ensuring that goals are met quickly and cost-effectively.