Test Anxiety

How To Fight Test Anxiety

Getting worried before and during the exams or tests is a common thing. All the students, no matter the grades, feel anxious just before appearing for a test or exam. This anxiety and overwhelming fear to perform well, students sometimes tend to make silly mistakes in their test papers and feel pressurized to score good grades. This anxiety can be crippling and result in an increased heartbeat, cold hands and feet, uncontrollable perspiration and more. A worried mind does not function well and this leads to an overall bad test. There are ways in which students who suffer from test anxiety can fight their worries and have a clear head while giving the test.

Some of the tips to fight text anxiety are as follows –

Sleep well

Lack of sleep can trigger anxiety levels among students. Proper sleeping patterns help the tired mind to rest and focus better. One must always sleep well before and during the exams.

Do not compete with others

One fears failure when they compare themselves to others. There is an added pressure when the students feel the need to outdo their peers. The societal expectations prompt anxiety. One shouldn’t compare their abilities to others and must always compete with themselves and try to perform better than they did the last time.

Prepare for the worst

The best way to face anxiety is to challenge their fears. One must prepare themselves for the worst circumstances and plan the remedies to fix them. This will prepare the mind on how to deal with stress and will not trigger anxiety is things go wrong.


The most effective way to face anxiety is to practice deep breathing exercises and meditate. This helps with concentration and boosting mood. It helps the mind to calm down and regulates better reasoning and thinking.

Think positively

One must always think positively and talk to their parents and teachers with a positive outlook. Positive and encouraging talking helps boost confidence and motivates the students to perform well.