How To Make Face Clear And Glowing Naturally

How To Make Face Clear And Glowing Naturally?

If you ask a woman what she wants in life, she’ll tell you that having picture-perfect radiant skin is at the top of her list. Unfortunately, there is no quick cure for glowing skin. Also, getting a clear face is no magic, all it requires the right tricks and tactics, and you are good to go.

And without make-up, only good skin has that beautiful natural glow.

Lack of sleep, stress, aging, pollution, harmful sun rays, heavy smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating an unhealthy diet, on the other hand, rob the skin of its natural shine, leaving it dark and shabby.

Have you ever been there? Don’t be concerned. Environmental stressors are unfortunately a part of our lives, so you can’t always shield your skin from them. However, easy home remedies and a balanced diet will help you reclaim your skin’s radiance.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get flawless skin, these natural remedies for safe and radiant skin are the solution.

1. Apply a paste of turmeric to your skin:

Turmeric is one of the most effective Ayurvedic skin ingredients. “Haridra” (“The Yellow One”), “Gauri” (“The One Whose Face is light and shining”), and “Kanchan” (“Golden Goddess”) are some of the Sanskrit names for it. These terms, as well as the centuries-old practice of women applying turmeric (Haldi) to their faces, attest to its ability to expose a radiant complexion.

2. Apply a saffron and honey mask to your face:

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice and with good reason. From a single saffron flower, only three strands of saffron can be collected. Saffron is an ancient Ayurvedic element that balances all three doshas, nourishes the skin, and makes it smooth and radiant.

3. Use rose water to tone your skin:

Rose is a unique Ayurvedic ingredient with calming effects. It is thought to balance Sadhaka Pitta, which regulates our emotions and makes us feel calmer and happier. Rosewater helps us achieve a natural glow by removing tension and impurities from our skin.

4. Apply Sandalwood Powder to your face and body:

Sandalwood is renowned for its scent, which the Hindu religion refers to as “The Fragrance of Paradise.” Sandalwood is a long-lasting cure for smooth, taut, and younger-looking skin since it induces Saumanasya Janana (tranquillity, placidity, mind-body union).

5. Use ripe papaya to moisturize your skin:

Papain is an enzyme found in ripe papaya. It works as a gentle exfoliator, removing the top layer of dead skin cells on the face and leaving the skin glowing and younger-looking.

6. Coffee to the rescue:

Coffee no doubt is one of the best morning drinks, but apart from that it is also one of the best remedies for the skin. Coffee has proper antioxidants which do include phenols that help in fighting out the free radicals which lead to damage to the skin. There are plenty of benefits of coffee, primarily it helps in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite on the skin. Coffee also has stimulating effects on the body which helps in calming the skin.