What is Pigmentation

What is Pigmentation ?

Pigmentation is one of the skin disorders which occurs due to the overproduction of skin element i.e. melanin. The Colour of the skin depends on the melanin. Generally, it happens due to sun damage and may affect the area of face, arms, shoulders etc but can involve any area. So in simple terms, pigmentation happens due to the damage of skin cells or production of injured melanin.

Overproduction stage of melanin is called Hyper-pigmentation which makes the skin color darker and Underproduction stage of melanin is called Hypo-Pigmentation which makes the skin color lighter.

Treatment of Pigmentation:

Treatment will depend on the severity and age of the skin disorders. So here we will elaborate the write about the best possible treatments:-

  • Rule number one always visit a dermatologist before your pigmentation becomes permanent. Dermatologist who will diagnose the exact reason and will offer the cream, lotion etc to improve the skin tone.
  • If creams and lotions are not working then chemical peels can be done
  • Sometimes doctor may combine it with Q Switch laser.