A Perfect Night Time Skincare Routine

If you want to look more beautiful and gorgeous and looking for a beauty sleep every night than you need to follow a skin care routine. It is important to follow a night time routine because your skin renews itself every night. So give your skin all the help it needs and woke up with healthy and beautiful skin.

  • Remove your makeup: Going to bed with those bulky makeups is one of the worst things you can do every night, so you need to clean your skin every night before going to bed. But make sure that use a gentle cleanser first and if required then follow up with a foaming face wash.
  • Use a skin toner:This is the second step of your skincare routine. It helps in reducing the pore size and removes any leftover dirt and makeup. And, it also hydrates and refreshes your skin. And if you are looking for a natural skin toner so you can go for rose water.
  • Apply serums:In the next step, you can use anti-aging serums because these serums nourish your skin. Press the serum into your skin with an open palm instead of fingertips to release the active ingredients. Once applied, let your skin fully absorb the serum for some time while you rest.
  • Massage:You need to massage your skin with a good night cream gel. Night creams are very helpful because it supplies moisture to the dry parts of your face. Therefore, your face is kept hydrated. First, spread the cream on your forehead and then down the nose, across the chicks, chin, neck and then towards the chest.
  • Facial Oil: Last but not the least use a facial oil in the end because oils are a natural source of vitamins. It also repairs your skin when you sleep. Apply four to five drops of facial oil on your fingertips and gently massage it in circular motions from the nose towards the ears.

Skin Lovers should spare a few minutes before sleeping at Night to take care of their precious skin surface. In case of any skin problems, Skincare doctors in Gurgaon can be contacted.