Ear Lobe Repair

Otoplasty, commonly known as ear repair, refers to all kinds of procedures performed to correct or reconstruct ear deformities using both non-surgical and surgical approaches. This procedure addressed numerous deformities including congenital defects like microtia or underdeveloped ears, oversized ears or macrotia, or lop ears, to name a few. Acquired ear deformities, such as cauliflower ears and split earlobes, which are usually caused by trauma to the ears, can likewise be managed with otoplasty. Although earlobe tears are more commonly seen in women, the incidence of earlobe tears has also been increasing in men in recent years.

Because the external ear is readily exposed, it is prone to injuries. Avulsion injuries, such as those that occur with torn earlobes, and incomplete amputations are quite common. Treatment of these conditions is surgical, and is best performed by a plastic surgeon.

Who should undergo and expected results

The procedure is recommended for people with split earlobe caused by:

  • Trauma, such as accidental tears due to earrings being tugged or pulled inadvertently
  • Traction deformities caused by repeated use of heavy earrings
  • Widened ear piercings due to ear gauging, or the intentional enlargement of ear piercings using flesh or ear tunnels. This practice can lead to the lengthening of the ear piercing and splitting of the earlobe
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