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Ear lobe repair or surgery is a kind of cosmetic surgery done to eliminate irregularities in the earlobes of a person. A split or torn earlobe is a very common aesthetic defect of the ear. This can happen due to heavy earrings, an earlobe that is pierced in an unsuitable position, or from trauma. It can cause misery to the patient who wants to wear earrings or would like to reinstate evenness to their earlobes. However, ear lobe repair can fix all of the aesthetic problems one faces with the appearance of their earlobes.

Ear Lobe Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Procedure of Ear Lobe Treatment in Gurgaon

In order to correct a split earlobe, a widened piercing hole or a stretched ear piercing, a surgical process is done. First, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic. Then, you will be given local anesthesia injection into or around the area that will be fixed to numb the area, a small amount of skin surrounding the split or widened hole is cut out and then restitched back together.

According to the type of stitching material (suture) used, you may be asked to return for suture removal. Some sutures are absorbed and do not require to be removed. If no complications occur, you may go home right after the procedure.

Aftercare of Treatment

  • The dressing is to be kept in place and the area is needed to clean and dry for 2-3days.
  • A topical antibiotic is recommended to be applied for a week.

Recovery of Treatment

It takes almost a week for the redness and swelling to heal properly. After then, you can return back to your normal life.

Benefits of Treatment

  • It makes you confident in your appearance
  • It gives you better jewelry possibilities
  • It gives you more hairstyle and cut options as you don’t have to cover a damaged earlobe.
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