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Ear & Body Piercing

The trend keeps changing and what was just a ritual has become fashion of today. People used to get their ear pierced as their culture demanded. But today, both women and men are looking forward of getting their ear pierced and sometimes even body. Before blindly following the trend and getting yourself pierced you must be aware of certain facts related to ear & body piercing.

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Facts About Piercing

  • Can become a barrier in some career paths such as defence services, pilot etc.
  • Ensure you are vaccinated for hepatitis B and tetanus to avoid any risk.

Risk Involved

Piercing is generally safe if done in hygienic conditions and with sterilized equipment. In case, not done in a clean environment by a professional, the following risks are involved:-

  • Chances of blood transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B & C, Tetanus and HIV.
  • Skin allergy or chronic infection at the site if piercing.
  • Pain and formation of pus (abscesses).
  • Damage of nerve.
  • Bleeding for an extended duration.

Adding to this, a person having diabetes, heart problem, pregnant ladies and those who are taking steroids should discuss with a doctor before getting pierced.

Where to get pierced?

Piercing is not as small as it looks. With so many risks involved it is important to make sure you get it done from a right place so that you enjoy those piercings rather than complicating your condition. Consider the following factors before you head to piercing:-

  • Do research to find out the best places near you that offer safe piercing by professionals.
  • You can check for doctors who perform ear & body piercings.
  • Never opt for a stand in some mall,or jewellery shop for ear piercing as you can never be sure about sterility of the needles and procedure.
  • Make sure that the clinic uses autoclave (sterilizing machine).

Piercing can be performed using needles or piercing guns. Needles are cleaner than a piercing gun and can be easily sterilized before use. In case, your piercer is using a piercing gun you must ensure that it is for single-use purpose. Moreover, if you want piercing on ear cartilage or on body than you must consider only needles as piercing guns are good on the earlobes.

The Healing Process

Once you get pierced, there might be some discomfort at the site of piercing which will heal over time. The healing time can differ depending on the skin area you get pieced. Here we list the approximate healing period after piercing at various locations:

Earlobe: It is the common location that people get pierced. It might take up to 10 days to 4 weeks to feel no discomfort and as usual.

Ear cartilage: The cartilage part of ear is harder than the earlobe. IF you get piecing in the cartilage it can cause some pain and will take up to 4 months to heal and a year to feel as usual.

Eyebrows: If your piercing preference is at your brows, it'll take up to 6 to 8 weeks for complete healing and feel no discomfort.

Nose: Nose piercing can be done either at nostril or the nasal septum. If piercing site is nostril, it'll heal in 2-4 months and if it is the nasal septum, it'll take up to 6-8 months for complete healing.

Lips: If you choose to get your lips pierced, it will heal in 2 to 3 months.

Naval: Piercing at naval can take 5 months to 1 year to heal completely.

Precautions for Newly Pierced Ear

Piercing is a delicate process and you must take necessary precautions after you get your piercing done. Here we list some tips that you must consider:-

  • Clean the piercing area with washed hands using antibacterial cleanser to avoid any infection.
  • Regularly soak your piercings in warm water with salt to rid the crusty formations of it.
  • If you got your lips or tongue pierced, use antibacterial mouthwash with no alcohol to avoid infections.
  • Do not touch the piercing again and again this can irritate the skin.
  • Use antibiotic topical creams on the piercing area for few days.
  • Do not use makeup on the piercing area and avoid wearing skin hugging clothe if you got piercing on body.
  • Do not take out the jewelry or leave the hole open, it can trap infection and may even close.
  • Ensure that you are not allergic to the metals you wear after getting pierced.

How you'll know something went wrong?

Experiencing pain and swelling after the process is quite usual and its temporary. However, sometimes it may lead to infection at the site of piercing. It is important that you realize it soon to avoid complications. But, how will you know that your piercing got infected? Pay attention to:-

  • Prolonged pain
  • Swelling and itching that stays for long.
  • Yellow colored discharge (pus) with a bad odor at the site of piercing.
  • More than usual redness.

Clean and care for your piercings and you are all set to rock your world with this new catchy look.Always visit a trained professional to have good results.

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