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Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Reviews

I had unwanted hair on my face then my friend suggested to me Dr. Jasdeep Kaur. She treated me by FDA approved laser therapy. That gave me brilliant results after 5 sessions, because my unwanted hair are totally removed. I am fully satisfied with her treatment.
I got my moles removed from dr.jasdeep...It was totally painless surgery and no left over scar on my face
Strongly recommended her for pimple and acne treatment. I recommend her.
Deepika Panda
I m taking prp treatment from doctor hair fall has really reduced ....i was really scared with my hair fall,i thought i will become bald...Now i can see new hair growth also...thx madam
Vishesh Sharma
Kept us waiting nd delayed. No proper response from doctor..staff very poor. Very bad experience. Never recommend
Verified Patient
I took treatment for my acne, freckles, uneven skin of my friend recommend dr. Jasdeep kaur. And i found her as a bessing to me..i am really happy with the treatment..centre is very clean and well equipped..staff here is very good. And i highly recommend..
We have mostly heard about elder’s skin treatment but my 5-year-old son was surfing from pediatric dermatology. I was worried about his skin, so I took the appointment of Dr. Jasdeep Kaur who told me that you need not worry. Due to today’s lifestyle, kid’s are also not left with such skin problems, therefore it is happening. But, after the first consultation, she started the treatment and today my baby is perfectly fine. She is too good at handling pediatric dermatology. I would suggest others to consult her if you are facing some skin treatment.
The scar is one of the skin diseases that not only diminish your beauty but also affect your confidence. I was suffering from the scar problem for last 3 years. With numbers of medications and treatment, I found zero results. Then one of my colleagues suggested visiting Dr. Jasdeep Kaur in Sab Clinic in Gurugram. I took an appointment, met with the doctor and I must say this time my decision was good. Her polite nature and confidence over my skin problem were cool. She started treatment and within 6 months I have regained the best skin. Thanks, doctor.
With over 5 years I am facing the trouble of Cyst & Lipoma removal. I tried many of the doctors but somehow I am not getting satisfaction about the surgery that those doctors were telling me. My stress level has gone to such an extent that I started feeling to die. One day my cousin asked me to come to Gurgaon to meet one of the doctors. I guess that call was the savior of my life. I met with Dr. Jasdeep Kaur and sooner started the treatment as she told me that it’s quite common and there is no risk in operation. I had my treatment done in a successful way. Thanks, doctor and her team.
Jayaram Mahi
It is difficult to live without your confidence. Hair loss is one of the biggest confidence looser would I say. There are times when you live your life very confidently and all of a sudden you started losing your hair. It seems you are shredding of your confidence. I have experienced it, therefore, I can express, but if you are one of them who are going through the same phase, don’t worry. Consult to Dr. Jasdeep Kaur and get your hair transplant done in a successful way. I had mine and today, I have regained my confidence and living life perfectly. Thanks a lot, doctor.
Ritika Khemani
I am Ritika Khemani and I had lots of moles on my face. Moles look good but only if they are in a perfect place on your face. But, when they are straight on your nose or right on the chin then they look bad. To have a good treatment, I have consulted Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra and she gave treatment. It was painless, markless and less time taking. Now, I am very happy with my natural features. Thanks a ton, doctor. The fee is nominal, people with lesser income can afford the treatment.
I am Sakshi from Tohana Haryana, people living here are not very knowledgeable because of which I had a very bad experience of Cyst problem. Doctors in Tohana didn’t understand what’s the problem I am facing. Because of which my cyst became dangerous. Someone recommended me to visit Skin Aura Clinic Gurgaon. When I visited and shared my problem, Dr. Jasdeep Kaur immediately started my treatment and saved my life. She has not only given me the best treatment but also given me some guidelines to be alert in the future. I am very thankful to the doctor. Thanks for treatment.
Acne and scar is a common problem that most of the middle age men and women are facing these days. I am one of them. But, in my profession of singing, it is really important to be good by singing as well as the face. Because people not only listen to your music but also admire looks and features. In such a situation, I was worried about my initial stage of acne problem. One of my uncles suggested me to visit Skin Aura Clinic and his advice worked for me. I took the Acne treatment from Dr. Jasdeep Kaur and it was a great experience for me. Thanks, doctor.
Verified Patient
I am very old patient of mam...I take peel regularly to maintain my skin...she is very polite n always ready to listen to u...thx to dr.jasdeep...
Manvi Kalia
She listens to problems very patiently and explains evrything in detail. Very happy with the results
I am grateful to meet with Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra – A successful Dermatologist. I can say she is the savior of my life. For last 5 years, I was facing the problem of Scar and Acne and no medicine or treatment was suiting me, then one of my uncles recommended me to visit Skin Aura Brain & Spine Neuro Centre, Gurugram. On his suggestion, I took an appointment from Chandigarh and came here. The doctor has seen my problem and started Acne and Scar reduction Treatment and I must say after 2-3 sessions I started feeling that soon I will see my own natural skin. By the time session ended, I am really surprised to see my good skin, thanks to Jasdeep Kaur.
Moles are natural, sometimes they look good whereas sometimes they look ugly. There was a time when I have 4-5 moles on my face. I feel awkward being in a public area because people not only look at my face but they also stare on my moles. That moment is very embarrassing. To get rid of this problem I searched the best clinic for mole removal and I found Skin Aura Clinic. I visited there and Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra given a wonderful treatment to me. After the treatment, I have gained the same confidence that I had since my childhood. Now, I confidently walk between public. Thanks for such great treatment doctor.
Verified Patient
I have treatment for acne scars and laser hair removal for back.. I am very happy after 4 sessions.. Scars have reduced a lot. Thx to dr. Jasdeep and skin aura brain team...
A very different and a nice experience as I felt she was not at all minded as other doctors whom I have consulted earlier indeed she told me not to go for treatments as my skin is no need for them she prescribed me only a few medicines which were essential for my skin scar problem.
I was quite concerned about the condition, a wart underneath my cheek (chin area) which did persist even after homeopathic treatment. I consulted Jasdeep Kaur and she eased my mind and said there's nothing to worry about and gave me the appropriate treatment which I am sure will work out. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, doctor.
Verified Patient
I feel lot of difference with couple of sessions for acne scars with laser..m still left with few sessions...I will say m totally satisfied....thx to the doctor n team
I am quite fond of having Piercing. Though I can be done anywhere in your own city when it comes to body piercing, I guess we all are worried. Well, to get a body piercing done, I have consulted Dr. Jasdeep Kaur as I found some good vibe with the doctor as well as some good reviews. I would like to thank the doctor for doing my body piercing done safely.
J Meera
If you are looking for Vitiligo Surgery, then in touch with Dr. Jasdeep Kaur as she is one of the experienced doctors of Skin. She not only studies the case of the patient but also finds which procedure is best depending upon the treatment. I had the Vitiligo Surgery 3 months ago and my experience was awesome and I also had a speedy recovery with lovely medication. Now, my skin is normal and now no awkward looks, no more questions about the skin disease.
Samay Sinha
If you are looking for Tattoo removal treatment, your search gets end at Skin Aura Clinic. Get the appointment from Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra and get the laser treatment for tattoo removal. I took this treatment from this clinic and I am happy with its benefits.
I am happy to have the treatment. It was cost-effective and successful for me. I would like to recommend all my friends who are looking for the same sort of treatment.
Skin Aura Clinic in Gurgaon has all solutions related to Skin. I had Anti-Ageing Treatment and I must say it is truly superb. The doctors are not only treating the disease, but they are also taking care of the numbers of factors that can cause a problem after treatment. Thus, I would like to recommend all my friends whosever looking for a dermatologist must visit Skin Aura Clinic.
Just had the first sitting for the hair transplantation treatment. The doctor is nice and humble. Good experience for the treatment to date.
Varsha patil
Doc is efficient and with her peel treatment scars are almost gone. She has a pleasing personality. People can visit her for further treatments.
Kale Avinash
The Skin Aura Clinic has really a fantastic doctor that has given me the best Anti-ageing treatment. She took all major precautions to make the treatment successful. I am really impressed to get such a satisfactory treatment of anti-aging, Paharganj.
Munish goel
Me and my wife both took a skin care treatment in which Ms Jasdeep kaur had to give peeling treatment to us.
I was quite concerned with my skin texture and blemishes, as I have field job many times working in sun. I consulted Dr Jasdeep Kaur and she eased my mind, gave a combination of peel and Laser treatment, infact she gave me complimentary lasers to the peel package.
Dr. Jasdeep Kaur is very professional and soft-spoken doc. I have consulted her for Laser hair removal and I am done with USA FDA approved laser machine. The treatment started giving me result after 3 weeks. I would like to recommend a doctor for many more skin treatments.
Shahood Ali khan
On 4th May I have visited this clinic and consult Dr Jasdeep Kaur give me medicine which cost 3k and consultant fee 800,and she told me to come again and consult me after 14 days ..but now when I again visited the clinic they asked me for consultant fee again 800 so I told them why should I pay again when doctor does not even inform me about this fee to be paid again..she herself told to come after 14 days.I tried to talk to Dr but she is said I am busy and if you will pay 800 fee then I will see you ...not she was not busy.
Verified Patient
I am happy with the treatment and with services....its a very good clinic and dr jasdeepk kaur she is a good doctor of skin and problems related with the skin
Davendra kumar
I have been getting my hair fall treatment. Have come to this clinic for the third time and I feel a lot better than before.
Verified Patient
My experience with the doctor was very good. She is very calm and listen my problem very patiently. I always want to recommend her for the skin treatments. I have never seen a cute doctor in my life who is very happy and down to earth.
Verified Patient
Very good clinic and staff... I am happy with the treatment and with the doctor behavior Dr jasdeep kaur....
Verified Patient
I Recently visited “Skin Aura" Clinic at Gurgaon to get the Laser hair Reduction as I was having speedy hair growth under my arms. I do have a sweat problem which is nuisance many of the time. I consulted Dr. Jasdeep Malhotra to get the Laser Hair Reduction Treatment. very friendly, give adequate time to listen to patients. It took 3 sessions to get the hair removal treatment. Happy with the results!!
Abhishek kataria
She patiently listens to the problem and makes the patient comfortable enough to interact. What I liked about her is she gives very mild Skin treatments which won't leave any side effects in long run on your skin and at the same time makes your skin feel better....earlier I visited many dermatologists and they just make you and ur money run out... She is quite reasonable in both ways as well... Thanks, Dr. Jasdeep ..I Strongly recommend her.
Dilip yadav
Dr jasdeep kaur she's very caring about treatment , listing carefully my problems and started treatment and it's so iffected ,friendly natur,
Sandeep Shrivastava
I went for my hair treatment, and m happy with the treatment and as well as counseling did by doctor, very much happy with the treatment
lucky to visit such a experienced and knowledgeable dr. got satisfactory response within 30 days on my face for sun spots, melasma and uneven skin tone. thanks a lot dr
Vivek Kumar
I visited here for my acne scars laser and PRP treatment for my face...very happy after 4 sessions ...In fact it has reduced my fine lines too...thx to skin aura clinic
Mukesh paul
..I was having bad scar on my face...She performed scar revision surgery with few laser sessions...scar almost disappeared ..thanks for giving me my confidence back
Sabby Rajput
Came here for tattoo removal. .I thought it will never go off...thx a lot
Gaurav Singh
went there for warts on my body ....was expecting recurrence as she said it may happen...but its been 6 months n no recurrence....thx doctor
Akul Aggarwal
Wait time promised was 30 minutes but we had to wait for about 50 minutes.
I took skin treatment and my skin is very younger now. She explained me in detail, didn't gave false assurances and with 4 sessions of her treatment I am very happy. Thanks.
Verified Patient
,,neet and clean place , friendly natural , listing care fully ,regnable fees charge
I visited the dermatologist i.e Dr.Jasdeep kaur . I was suffering from severe acne and scars so I visited Dr. She recommended me some oral pills and a face wash as well as a suncream.
I had hair fall and visited skin Aura and took hair restorative therapy. I am fully satisfied and achieved to break the cycle of my continued hair fall with hair serums, PRP Therapy and some tablets. The package was cost effective I highly recommend her.
Verified Patient
. I had taken a skin whitening treatment from her with some peels... Respectable results.... Really happy with it... Thx
Verified Patient
solved all my skin issues as my skin is very sensitive coming out with different things and listen your problems.
Verified Patient
Dr Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra is one of best dermatologist in Gurgaon. She gave us proper time to listen and examine after that she sujjest her treatment and explain very politely.
Verified Patient
I was impressed with Dr Jasdeep Kaur treatment and also very good ambience of the clinic. i am now totally cured, thanks to Dr Jasdeep
Verified Patient
Visited dr jasdeep for laser of skin tags on my neck... ....highly recommended clinic
Shobhit Chaudhary
Best Services available & completely satisfied with treatment of hair fall by Mesotherapy. Within a month with treatment my hair becomes thick & hair fall also get controlled. I am happy with SKIN AURA services & I strongly recommend Dr Jasdeep Kaur.
I had started baldness and I was told that I will need hair transplant. I visited Skin Aura and I have taken a PRP session from Dr. Jasdeep Kaur and medication too. It's too good & feeling much much better and my hair's are thicker and dense now. Infact I feel I need not undergo hair transplant for next few years.
Verified Patient
I had many warts on face n body....It was there since so many years... Then mam suggested laser for the same... It was totally painless procedure n very satisfying results.... Thx to the team
Verified Patient
Beautiful clinic, very nice staff....came here for skin lightening n glow treatment...took few sessions of peels n laser along with glutathione injections really want to thank dr jasdeep....
I took treatment for my uneven scars on face. It was a beautiful experience and adam gave me few antibiotics and thereafter 3 sessions of peels and lasers. I got the complete package in half the charges due to Festival season and it was worth spending at skin Aura.
Sunil Sharma
I took laser and microneedling RF on my face for acne scars, from skin Aura Brain and Spine Neuro centre at Gurgaon. After 4 sessions my face is almost clear of the acne scars. Thanks to Dr Jasdeep Kaur, I would highly recommend madam for any kind of acne scar treatment.
Subhash chand
She diagnosed me I'm fine in just seven days with her minimum treatment. Very impressive.
Deepak sharma
Thanks Dr Jasdeep for Co2 fractional laser treatment in such low cost.I have gained my looks again.I was very afraid of the laser treatment.It was painless and it worked really with the session which madam gave me after 2 months of treatment.I have seen significant improvement.Thanks once again to Skin Aura Brain,Really the best and economical centre in Delhi Ncr for Laser Skin treatment
Verified Patient
i just go only my skin infection due to summer but i book my pigmentation sessions or skin treatment also
Verified Patient
came here for wart removal... totally painless procedure... very friendly doctor... nice staff.... strongly recommended
Sanjay Tyagi
I was facing bad depression coz of my baldness... After hair transplant with recent FUE technique In this center from Dr. Jasdeep and team ,it has changed my life.... It's been 6 months thx everyone
I was suffering from pcod and had many acne scars on my face. Also I was having many moles. I had lost all confidence in life. My skin used to look lustreless . But dr jasdeep came as a lighthouse in my life , she just waved a band and all my problems went away. My skin looks so beautiful now!! I feel so happy about it. I strongly recommend her to all the women who want to look good!!! Love u dr jasdeep!!!
Mrs.kuldeep kaur
Dr jasdeep has a miraculous hand in the field of antiageing.she made me look so young and beautiful. All my crow feet n wrinkles are gone. I strongly recommended her to all d ladies who need a lift up n want to erase years.I am v happy with the thread lifting and anti aging treatments.
Chintu Sharma
I took treatment for my face glow and took a package from dr jasdeep kaur. With the peels and glutathione tablets i feel the difference and iIam happy enough to recommend Dr Jasdeep.
I met dr jasdeep kaur for my acne scars. I took Laser treatment 4 sessions and 3 peels in a low cost package. I am perfectlywell with her treatment. Highly recommended.
Verified Patient
Beautiful, friendly, intelligent and humane!!
My skin is glowing after few sessions of peel and laser for my pigmentation on my face...I really want to thank u for all ur services...
I am very old patient of dr jasdeep...was very unhappy with acne ....i am attached with her since 2 years...taking peels for glow and acne from m getting goes to her to make my skin smooth and clean....thx mam
I have taken upper face botox from Dr jasdeep...totally painless treatment....can see the results in 2 days...thx doc
Jugunoo Kumar
I am in a profession where face has lot of value so I gotta injection glutathione from dr jasdeep with few peeling session...I am very satisfied and confident skin has become 2 shade lighter...m really thankful to you....
Amar tanwar
I am very regular patient of dr jasdeep...Recently taken fractional laser for acne scars...Amazing results in 3 sessions...Above that she is very good person at heart...Thx mam
Rohan Jain
She listened to the issues patiently and then gave her recommendation. The best part of the treatment was to first knowing the root cause and then the action plan.
I always wanted dimple on my cheeks for which I visited dr Jasdeep ... At skin aura clinic they have a wonderful team work...m very happy with the results... much more satisfied with my looks... thx mam
I was very unhappy with my was uneven pigmented here and there for which I visited dr Jasdeep.... Taken laser toning from madam... I feel skin has become really smooth And clean and tone lighter
Raj Kumar Sharma
I was very satisfied as madam explained the problems very well and with patience. She is truly very professional I would recommend her.
Bhoopender singh
I came here for glow problem on my face Dr. Jasdeep suggested carbon peel procedure which was a non surgical laser treatment ....
I visited for my skin issues. Very satisfied. Good staff and beautiful clinic.
such a nice experience at Skinaura brain and spine clinic with Dr Jasdeep, very nice doctor I have seen ever with friendly nature and very experienced in dermatology, she aware me for new treatment of Psoriasis.
I took treatment for my acne reduction and scar treatment. Dr Jasdeep treated me in much less cost then other doctors, My face is glowing now as before. Thanks . highly recommended.
Anil kumar
I am satisfied with their treatment . I am recommending to everyone.i went skin aura brain and spine neuro centre DLF phase 4 for pimples treatment.
Krishan Kant
I visited Skin aura gurgaon 1 month back, I was referrred by my friend for laser of chest. After only 2 sessions , i feel the major difference, i m so happy. Thanks Dr jasdeep. Highl;y recommended.
Dr jasdeep is a very special doctor. She handles patient with utmost care and concern in every aspect. She explains everything very clear. I like the way she treated me.
I came for my face glow treatment. I feel the difference in my face and completely satisfied. Thank you Dr Jasdeep.
It is very good experience with Dr for explanation for my skin related query and I am fully satisfied with doctors
Verified Patient
I visited for my very old tattoo on my was quite big and had different Colors on it...since I had to join govt job so I visited Dr jasdeep ....She did q switch laser for me n in 3 session m seeding wow results.... strongly recommend her to all my friends....thx
Verified Patient
I was having bad tattoo on my back but i was just fed up with it.।came to Dr jasdeep she told me about tattoo removal.Taken 4sessions of q switch laser.
Verified Patient
I had hairfall problem since six months and visited many doctors for the same but then I came to know about Skin Aura Brain and Spine neuro centre and meet with Dr. Jagdeep she advised me few medication and did treatment for me and I feel new growth has already started.
Verified Patient
I came here for my hair fall treatment ..I have taken PRP session from dr Jasdeep...wonderful results in single session..M so happy with the treatment..I Will strongly recommend skin aura brain and spine neurocenter
Verified Patient
She is a wonderful doctor.I went for my pimples to dr Jasdeep..I got a peeling session done from her.I am very happy with results.strongly aura brain and spine neurocenter is best for skin problems.
Verified Patient
i had bad acne scars and i was losind confidence coz of that...i have taken 4 sessions of fractional laser...m extremely happy with i will start peeling sessions for skin lightening with mam
Verified Patient
I keep visiting Dr. Jasdeep for one or another skin problem... This time I have taken oxypeel treatment from mam for marriage... Drastic difference in single session...thx a lot doc
Verified Patient
Taken laser hair removal for beard shaping...very happy with results...very nice staff...I can see visible results in 2 sessions
Verified Patient
I had bad scar on my face... Gotta scar revision from Dr. Jasdeep... M very happy with results.... It's been a month... I can't see my scar now... It's almost disappeared... Thanks mam
Verified Patient
i suggested to u All for best Treatments Acne, melasma, pigmentataion, stretch marks etc... very good doctor
Verified Patient
I have taken 3sessions of prp from dr jasdeep for my hair fall ...I can see the new hair growth. M very happy with results...strongly recommended her
Verified Patient
Dr.Jasdeep and dr.vikas are very good doctors at skin aura brain and spine neurocenter...I got excision of my sebaceous cyst from mam...It was almost painless procedure which has left no scar on my body...thx to the team
Verified Patient
..I got my multiple warts removed from was totally painless procedure and no scar left
Verified Patient
I was having stretch marks since years together... Thought it can never be treated... Then I visited skin Aura clinic and got 4 session of fractional laser done... There is huge difference ...i can appreciate the size has reduced
Verified Patient
I visited doc for uneven skin tone...Got few sessions of laser n peel from her...very happy with results.. strongly recommend.
Verified Patient
I was having very uneven skin tone for which I have taken couple of sessions of mesotherapy... I can see good glow on my face... Thx doc
Verified Patient
Dr Jasdeep kaur treated my severe Dandruff for which I was facing problem since last 3months
Verified Patient
Good experience right for my Acne treatment must visit Dr for Skin and hair problems for better treatments.
Verified Patient
I visited Dr Jasdeep for my acne scar treatment ..i had few sessions of co2 laser with mam and few peels... Awesome results... Thx doctor
Verified Patient
I am very greatfull to dr jasdeep....I visited her for my chicken pox scars ...Was very depressed whenever I used to see my face in mirror....Then she told me about laser therapy ...Today m very much satisfied with her results...Thx to the team
Verified Patient
She is a true human being. Analysed the problem with best manner. Proposed and deployed best remedy solution.
Verified Patient
I was very depressed with my old tattoo on my body then I came to know about Dr jasdeep thru net..I have taken 5 sessions of q switch laser from her...really appreciate the results...the doc
Verified Patient
I visited many doctors for my fungal infection but it was not getting cured but then I came to know about Dr Jasdeep now M totally disease free...thx mam
Verified Patient
I visited Dr jasdeep for tattoo removal few months back... now I can already join govt job...thx to skin aura clinic
Verified Patient
I visited Dr jasdeep for tattoo removal ... I am very satisfied with sessions in 4 sessions...thanks doctor for all ur help
Verified Patient
I came here for anti aging treatment and Dr.Jasdeep helped me in this endeavour..
Verified Patient
Hi I have visited Skin Aura Brain and Spine clinic, Dr Jasdeep really a kind nature doctor she treated me as a friend and I have taken peel proceedure 1st session, I really was surprised that was painless
Verified Patient
I came here for my fungal infection on my feet..feel so relieved from my itching in 2 weeks treatment i like skin aura brain and spine neurocentre..highly recommended
Verified Patient
I came here for skin tanning treatment...dr.Jasdeep gave me oxypeel and tan has gone in just single session.. Strongly recommend skin aura brain and spine neurocenter .
Verified Patient
Dr is So friendly. Awesome experience. Clean anf fresh environment in clinic. Highly recommend.☺️👍🏻
Verified Patient
I was very impressed with Doctor's friendliness. I was quite relieved with her words, she explained me with simple words. Overall, satisfactory.
Verified Patient
My experience with Dr. Jasdeep is awesome. I feel my skin clear and smooth now. She did a great job

Dr. Vikas Kathuria Reviews

I have been undergoing treatment with Dr Kathuria for migraines since last 3 months and I have been successfully cured from my 3 years lasting bursting headaches. I am very much satisfied with his approach towards his patients
I was terrified when I came to know that my cervical spine needs a surgery but thanks to Dr Vikas Kathuria who made it possible and relieved me from the never ending neck and arm pain. He is a very good Neuro surgeon and I recommend him for all who are having similar problems
My aunt had come from UP. She was having severe back pain in middle. She was diagnosed as Potts spine with pressure on spinal cord.
Manish Kumar
Dr Kathuria is very experienced doctor. On my 1st visit, he was able to identify my problem with my history and gave me the right medication. He knows how to put his patients at maximum comfort level. He gives enough time to each of his patients and he ensures that you revisit him again until you are fully cured, later he asks just to do lifestyle changes and ensures you are not dependent on neuro drugs unlike other doctors. He is surely highly recommended.
Ravi Mathur
I was enquired thoroughly, he checked me with hammer too and it was amazing, he guessed my blood reports quite correctly. He started very simple treatment and I am ok with that with minimal neuro drugs. Thanks doctor.
Doctor vikas was very patient listening to the background of medical issues. Doctor explained in detail the measures for lifestyle changes. He explained each and every medicine , how it is going to be effective in my case.
Amazing experience, proper diagnosis and treatment satisfaction for me, Highly recommended this doctor to everyone.
Deepika Panda
Dr vikas kathuria is very supportive. He guided me nicely and took care of my issues and care very diligently and calmly during my admission to a hospital. Apart from being a wonderful doctor, he is a gem of a person. Thanks doctor.
It was a wonderful experience. The way he told me what need to be done to change the lifestyle in order to cure the disease actually helped me a lot. Highly recommended
I was afraid of my L45 slip disc and I was declared a surgical case, I am also a cardiac patient, I have been treated in much better manner by by Dr vikas Kathuria, thanks sir. Now I am pain free on only one safe medication.
I was afraid of my L45 slip disc and I was declared a surgical case, I am also a cardiac patient, I have been treated in much better manner by by Dr vikas Kathuria, thanks sir. Now I am pain free on only one safe medication.
Good communication skills, put you at ease to get your history and friendly nature. Explains health issues very politely.
Priyankaa Grewaal
. Had a back problem. Resolved the issue. N also gave medicine after the treatment
Verified Patient
I visited the clinic for first time. I am Very much satisfied. Neuro doctor is quite cooperative .Thanks.
Bhavna chawla
Took my mother for memory problem to Dr vikas,he is one of the most soft spoken,patient and experienced doctor.i had initially gone to Dr sumit singh of Artemis who was so rude did not listen to us ,gave us precisely 1 min by the clock refused to look at the blood reports was just interested in getting all scans and told us to get my mother admitted ,dr vikas karhuria on the other hand told us to start with the medication and wait and watch ,felt there was nothing to panic..I think he is god sent.God bless such doctors who keep the faith alive.
Verified Patient
I would like to share the experience for spin related probelm in which he suggest the right and positive treatment suggestions for my relative.Result - After 3 month the condition is very good .-Most important things is he expain the use of for all medicine .Thanks Doctor ! RegardsDurgesh
My 57 years old father had long suffered from back pain and badly needed spinal surgery. I came all the way from Turkmenistan to SkIn Aura Brain & Spine Neuro Centre to meet Dr. Vikas Kathuria for seeking a remedy in India. He Successfully operated my father and the result was incredible. My dad started walking after 48 hours and improved faster. Merely, this is amazing, I do not have a proper word to describe. I'd never believed in miracles but now I do, so Dr. Kathuria proved me wrong. I'm very happy that he saved my father from his chronic suffering. My dad is doing well and feels like a young man after ever! Moreover, I discovered Dr. Kathuria that he is not simply good at doing what he does but he is a very decent man of complete integrity. Finally, I write this review not just for Dr. Kathuria’s credit but also who needs proper medical service with kind human feeling. Highly recommend to everyone!!!
Kadir Shoaib
My father had a manic psychotic episode while vacationing in India. We found Neuropsychiatry online and were very pleased with the prompt reply we received from Dr. Vikas Kathuria. During admission, they explained upfront how long it would take to decrease his manic behavior and assured us that there was no "magic bullet." As we are from an overseas country and we were concerned about Indian practices; however we felt very comfortable with their transparency regarding fees, length of stay and overall care. They guaranteed that they would not hold him longer than needed and assured us that we would personally see a noticeable difference in his health. After 11 days we could see a large difference in his health and received a fit to fly certificate so that he could fly back. Thank you for the honest and professional service! I would definitely recommend this clinic.
Sanchi Sudha
Doctor Vikas Kathuria is a very experienced neurosurgeon. My friend's depression and anxiety had taken over his life. Due to work stress, She was unable to have a healthy life. She was having severe headaches and back pain as well. Her Back pain is almost gone now and her headache occurs sometime whenever she neglect the health issues. One must go to him to get the brain and spine related treatments. Thanks, Doctor for the treatment you offered.
Anu Chowdhury
My wife was suffering from headache from last 1year. I tried with multiple doctors but no relief. Then I found Dr Vikas. within a month my wife headache reduced. Thanks to Dr. Vikas.
Avinash Tise
Doctor Vikas Kathuria is experienced neurosurgeon. He saved my mother's life who had a 5 mm spinal tumor. Her surgery was performed was patient enough to listen to all our problems and guide us accordingly. Thanks, Doctor for the treatment you offered.
My friend's depression and anxiety had taken over his life… He recently got help at Skin aura Brain & Spine Neuro Centre and consulted to Dr. Vikas Kathuria. The treatment worked well. The staff treated him so kindly and helped him more than they will ever know! Their facility with such a dedicated staff and administration makes it a real leader in the field of Neuropsychological health services.
Due to work stress, I was unable to have a healthy life. I was having severe headache and back pain as well. I consulted many doctors as I was unable to switch my job. I was looking for the perfect solutions which may save my life and my job as well. I consulted Dr. Vikas Kathuria and got the treatment last month. Back pain is almost gone now and headache occurs sometime whenever I neglect the health issues. One must go to him to get the brain and spine related treatments.
We came all the way from Bangla to your Clinic for my shoulder surgery. You've given my hand a new life. I am so grateful to you and your entire team for treatment and friendly behavior. May God bless you.
Varsha patil
my mother was diagnosed with the spine problem and was treated by him only. For the consultation, we visited him at his clinic whereas her surgery was performed in Columbia Asia Hospital by him only. The treatment and the services offered by him was up to the mark. I would like to say thanks to him for his co-operation and dedication.
Sharma Abhay
.had a satisfactory result for my spine injury. I was suggested for surgery earlier by other doctors. Thanx to dr. Vikas Kathuria who recommended treated and then surgery to me, results were seen in one month of the operation. and now I am back to my normal routine. Special thanks to Vikas Sir and his team.
I was suffering from lower back pain from 8 months so I took the meditational treatment as suggested by Dr. Vikas Kathuria and I'm satisfied with my improvement in 7 days. I'm very thankful to Dr. Vikas Kathuria & his guidance towards a healthy lifestyle & diet. I'll definitely suggest this Clinic to others seeking quick recovery at low cost.
Sunny sape
I know Dr. Vikas Kathuria since 2014, diagnosed my blood clot in my first visit, which was not been identified by many doctors. . A nice Human being with helping nature and profound experience. I am very thankful to Dr. Kathuria, living my second life because of him. His timely and positive treatment helped to recover my health.
My father-in-law was suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. The disease was so severe that he was not able to ambulate. He consulted at many hospitals and was misguided. I have taken him to Dr. Vikas Kathuria sir who diagnosed him and performed lumbar decompression surgery. Dr. Vikas Kathuria is , humble and a good human. Thank you, sir, and wish you all the best.
A first impression is the last impression. Consulting the doctor means paying huge consultation charges, Visit any doctor and you are required to make payment of Rs 1000/- without any use. I Connected Dr. Vikas Kathuria who just charges Rs 600/- as a part of his consultation and devote a good amount of time listening to the patients. I would recommend him to everyone who is unable to get the right neurological treatment just because of lack of money.
It was a purely professional and up to the mark experience visiting Dr. Vikas Kathuria. I was having issues with Migraine & severe headaches. Dr. Vikas prescribed necessary tests to ascertain he's pinpointing the root cause. Prescribed necessary, minimal medications & roadmap. Will surely like to review this after a certain period. Thanks for all the help Doctor.
I have been into IT sector for 10 years. Sitting on chairs in front of the system and dedicatedly working on the system is one of the tiring jobs. I was diagnosed with cervical nerve problem which was painful and hurting stage of my life. I could not quit the job as it was the only source of my survival. I consulted Dr. Vikas Kathuria and I was operated by him for which I had to take one month left. Finally, I got relieved from the cervical pain and can work on the right posture.
My mother had a brain stroke around 5 months back. After initial hospitalization, we approached Dr. Vikas Kathuria in Max Hospital for her speedy recovery and his expert opinion. I would say, he was very inspiring and sensitive. His diagnosis is very good and patients/relatives can always reach him during an emergency. I would strongly recommend him for neuro-related treatments
Genuine opinions from the doctor and very good diagnosis for my problems. Doesn't prescribe unnecessary medications or dosage which may not be required. The doctor spends a good amount of time understanding your problem and the history behind it. Will guide you through treatment and also recommend you to other specialists if needed. Extremely satisfied with my treatment and highly recommended for any neuro issues.
Dr. Vikas Kathuria is just an amazing Doctor! My mother was suffering through the movement disorders and he treated her very well. His observations are precise. He is always on time. He does not keep patients waiting unless there is an emergency that he has to attend to. He gives good advice to patients about diets and Lifestyle habits.
. If anyone having any neurological disorders or issue, do visit him. I consulted him for my father’s illness who was bedridden due to long illness an got his back pain problem. Medically, we don't know the exact spinal problem, yes, we got the right treatment for him. He is better and active now.
Dr. Vikas Kathuria is a very competent Neurologist. He is not only brilliant with his diagnosis and treatment, but he has an extremely approachable and simple attitude. He explains and listens to the patient attentively, a quality which is non-existent in doctors nowadays. I am truly blessed to have him as my doctor!
Rahul Kumar
Treatment of Brain Haemorrhage is not easy. I consulted various hospitals and neurosurgeons to get the treatment for my elder brother. It was quite complicated as we wasted lots of our time in search of the right doctor. My friend recommends me Dr. Vikas Kathuria Got the surgery done and my brother was advised for 1-month bed rest. I should say, he saved his life.
Very good and supporting doctor!! you can trust him and the medications provided by him. I consulted him for my backache problem. He diagnosed me with L4 & L5 Degeneration and muscle weakness through MRI and suggested regular medication along with the physiotherapy. The way of treating the patients is actually awesome. Tons of thanks to him for his positive attitude and humble approach.
Verified Patient
Dr. Vikas is a very nice doctor. we have been consulting him since more than 2 years for a lot of family members. But um highly disappointed with the staffs who manage the clinic.. They are very uncooperative, unprofessional and very rude..We are thinking of visiting some other doctor only because of the staffs managing the clinic
Ankit dogra
My uncle Puneet Dogra had severe neck pain and was diagnosed as a case of cervical disc prolapse. we took multiple opinions and found Dr vikas to be perfect Dr for this surgery. He was operated upon successfully and his doing perfectly well. Thanks a lot sir, you are Highly recommended.
Devender Jain
My father is a brain stroke patient. He got treated in some renowned hospitals but I was taking advise from Dr Kathuria from day 1. He was really patient and helpful in advising us about the entire course of action.
Dr kathuria took my detailed history before reaching his diagnosis and he explained my health issues in most friendly manner. With his treatment I am fine and one of his happy patient.
Avni Choudhary
I took treatment from Dr vikas kathuria for neurological disorder. He explained me everything in detail and advised some tests. He is very scientific and upto standards. I thank you sir for my diagnosis and advice.
Smitha S panicker
We got our colleque operated for subdural hematoma one month back. We are in follow up of dr vikas for last 20 days. He has good surgical hand. It is a good centre for all neuro and spine problems.
Navdeep kaur
I got my aunt operated for L45 disc problem at Metro hospital gurgaon. She is quite well and now walking in just 5 days. We are very thankful for excellent surgery by Dr Vikas Kathuria. Highly recommended.
Akshay mishra
I met Dr vikas kathuria for my uncle Lumbar disc pain. He got releif by his conservative and better management.
Zaffar Imam
I had scalp tumour and i was very afraid of it . Then I met Dr vikas and underwent a ct brain . He explained me everything and i was operated upon by him. The swelling was benign in biopsy report and i was quite well in 11 days only. the procedure was painless and with small scar. I highly recommend Dr Vikas Kathuria for head or scalp related swellings and scalp tumour.
Suraj thakur
My father had large brain tumour in left frontal region. Dr vikas operated upon my father successfully. He removed the tumour completely and fortunately he recovered very well. The postoperatively Mri brain was so good and no residual. Biopsy was hemangioblastoma and he escaped from Radiotherapy. My father is walking talking eating normally. Highly recommended.
Verified Patient
I have no comment coz Dr vikas is superb excellent Consultation They explain me on long detail each and everything about my health issues And rectify which test I have to do .....the most thing they are very helpful Doctor vikas and as well as their clinically staff now my search end To find best doctor fir my all health issue thank you Dr vikas for your kindness and attention towards your client
Dolly jha
Dr Kathuria is a really good doctor who knows how to explain the issue to his patients. He is patient and kind and takes care in more ways than one- minimum minimum tests and also tries to make sure that you do not end up spending a fortune for the treatment. I wish him all the best for his career and life ☺
Paul M. Ancheta
I went to Dr. Vikas Khaturia as I wanted my physician to be close to where I live. I found him to be extremely professional. He supported me with thorough information about my ailment, and seems committed to getting my condition controlled. I recommend him strongly.
Kamal Kumar
My eight year old baby Siya had suffered head injury , ahe waa very weak and was not doing well. We took treatment from Dr kathuria who gave simple treatment and in follow up she is much better. She has improved in her studies and gained weight which was desired. He is good for paediatric Neuro problems. Highly recommended.
I am a patient of c5-6disc problem since past 2months. Thanks to Dr Vikas who treated me at metro hospital. I am now visiting in his clinic and almost cured completely with all his valuable advise and exercises apart from medicines. He understands the problem ist in detail and don't jump to investigation. He is a good doctor for spine.
Uttam singh
I had cluster headache and i met dr vikas kathuria after being failed to get rid of my chronic problem . I consulted many neurologist including top hospitals in gurgaon. I was releived totally at skin aura clinic . He also gave treatment for my cervical disc.
I suffered severe head injury 2 months back. I had clotting in my brain. From day one I was in contact with dr Vikas kathuria for guidance and now my follow up is being continued with him. He is an amazingly good doctor and very patient. His prescription is with timings of drugs and I liked it much. Ambience of clinic was very good. Now I am free from headache and seizures. I have returned to my work only because of his good treatment.
I had problems in fingers of my right hand due to lunar nerve involvent. My friend who is a old patient of Dr vikas kathuria told me about visiting skin aura brain clinic. I took treatment for 3 months. I am certainly better in my neurology and power of right hand. The staff is also polite and helpful. I also got discounted consultation for my skin condition. Thanks
My mother is suffering from Lumbar disc problem. We are in follow up with the doctor. He explained us everything in detail, Mri was done, Bone densitometery was done. With the reports we are happy that she continue on conservative treatment for her osteoporosis and getting relief from pain without surgery. He is a genuinely nice doctor who guides you better.
Ankul tiwari
Highly professional and qualified.Thanks to him i fully releived of my migraine .Every other doctor was just writing Mri and tests .He is the one who picked up the disease andvgave mevdrugs which were free from sedation. I am very impressed , staff is also very cooperative.
Verified Patient
My sister was suffering from headache from very long time but after visiting Dr. Vikas we got her MRI done n came to know it's glioma...he suggested surgery and after surgery there is great improvement in my sister... M really thankful to Dr. Vikas.....
Verified Patient
My brother was suffering from bad back pain since so many years...after visiting so many Drs we came to know about Dr Vikas...We got a MRI done n came to know it's l4 -L5 disc...After his advice he underwent a disc surgery...Now he can do all normal activities n totally painfree....thx dr.vikas ....
Sajal Gupta
Definately a 5/5. I visited for headache and red marks on forehead. He is well acqainted in his specialisation. Listens to your problem properly, analysis it and gives to the bulls eye solution. No hurry at all. Does not asks you for any unnecessary tests or scans.
Aman khandelwal
I had visited to dr vikas kathuria for the treatment of bell's palsy, a kind of facial paralysis.
My bad headache and sleeplessness were disturbing me despite consulting many doctors then my friend advised to take treatment from Dr vikas kathuria. He gave proper time to me and prescribed his treatment. Now after 10 days I am headache free and happy.I would strongly recommend him.
Verified Patient
My roommate got operated for L5S1 discectomy by dr vikas now he is doing everything and painfree. Thank you sir.
Verified Patient
My brother was suffering from severe headache since long time. ..After showing to Dr. Vikas we came to know it's epidural abscess and even the bone got rotten. . .His surgery saved his life. he is totally fine and doing well. ..thank Dr. Vikas for all your help at right time
Chintu Sharma
I had tremors in my hands and was very disturbed. I took treatment from Dr vikas who not only treated them completely but explained me the every cause behind it. Loved the way I was treated.
Sachin dubey
I visited for back spasms and alsomood problems. I am perfect with his cost effective treatment. Highly recommended.
Dr vikas kathuria is excellent and the way he made me understand my disease was appreciated. I recovered from my nonstop giddiness and headache with his treatment.
Neeraja Rajagopal
The way he diagnosed the problem was something which so far I have not experienced. He explained all those issues related to the health and also he suggested some treatment that is different from regular doctors. The session was in a friendly environment. Rather than explaining here I would recommend if any one planning to visit him, please go to him as he is the doctor for you.
Prashant Raj
My grandfather is case of Dementia and hyponatremia. We took treatment from Dr Vikas and he is much better now. He is good neuro doctor. Highly recommended
Verified Patient
I had severe headache and also issues regarding hairfall. I visited skin aura clinic and got combo consultation in cost effective rate. I took simple treatment as prescribed by dr vikas and took 3 sessions of PRP from dr Jasdeep mam. I was explained thoroughly and I was treated in a graceful manner. Staff is also good . Got good discount on medicines too.Highly recommended.
Krishan kumar
I had severe back pain. I had slip disc at L45 . I was afraid of my back and I was on rest for last 1 month. After treatment from dr Vikas kathuria I am back to my work. He is wonderful doctor.
Ramiya ranjan mallick
My wife Lijarani had bad headache for last 3years, no relief with other doctor treatment. I took consultation with skin aura brain. She is cured after 10days only and is on preventive measures. Thanks doc. Highly recommended.
Pradeep das
My mausi sulekha das was very upset with her severe depression and anxiety, panic attacks. No other doctor was able to treat her and she deteriorated. Since we have started treatment with skin aura , she is much better. Thanks doctor.
First time no checkup of child patient of 2and half year old send for MRI and not checked her a activity yet parents told the problem of understanding of baby
He is a very genuine neuro doctor in Gurgaon. This is best clinic for neuro related diseases. Highly recommended.
Ram kumar
Doctor vikas is very friendly with big ear for patient concerns..i went to him for my frequent headaches..he listened very patiently and explained me probable root causes..Also the prescription was very pocket friendly..
I was suffer severe headache for last 6-7 years. Then i took treatment from dr. vikas kathuria. This is my 2nd visit nd I am far better.Dr. vikas is very good in his expertise and he listened to us patiently. I am very satisfied with his treatment.
Verified Patient
I got my uncle Mr jitendra Debnath operated from dr vikash kathuria 3 months back.he has recovered a lot after debulking of timer and now he has under radiotherapy.I am very thankful to him that he did not let any weakness to him.rather he recovered from left side weakness.he is a very good brain tumer surgeon.highly recommended.
Kamal kant gautam
I visited skin aura brain and spine neuro centre at DLF PHASE 4 GURGAON for neck pain and severe headache , i am very satisfied.
Bharat Bhushan
I had bad headache for last 3 months. Then i took treatment from dr vikas. This was my 2nd visit and i m far better. Thanks Dr vikas .Highly recommended for resistant headaches.
Mohit kharbanda
Dr vikas kathuria is very good in his expertise and he listened to us patiently . We are very satisfied with his treatment
The experience with Dr Vikas was excellent. He gave proper time and listen the problem. he value the time of patients and attend us as per our appointment time without any delay. I am very much satisfied with the treatment given by dr Vikas.
I would Recommend every headache patient to visit him and get benefitted.
Abhishek allawadhi
Dr vikas is Very good in Brain related problems.son had headache and on mri he was diagnosed with arachnoid cyst. With his treatment and assurance he is well now.
Yogesh Chawla
I sufferred from Median nerve injury. I took treatment from Dr vikas kathuria . I have recovered a lot thanks to Dr vikas.I strongly recommend him for all neuro problems.
Verified Patient
Dr Vikas is such a grounded person...I brought my known to who is very poor for back pain problem which was affecting his routine activities of my friend recommended him....he gave discount on consultation plus gave few samples of medicines also to him.... Now my patient is very happy with his treatment n can do his daily activities...thx Dr vikas
Verified Patient
My sister had aneurysm in her brain and she got operated from Dr vikas... He did coiling for her... My sister has recovered totally now... M so grateful to him.. I have not seen a person like him... He is a true gentleman... He has very good surgical hand... We will b thankful to u for our whole life... U came like a blessing in our life
Verified Patient
My daughter was sufferening from scoliosis right from birth...i thought it will never get corrected but fortunately i met dr .vikas He performed the surgery on my daughter....we are extremely happy...
Verified Patient
I was suffering from disc prolapse since years but was avoiding the surgery ...I got myself operated from dr.vikas 6months back...Now I am totally relieved from my back pain...strongly recommended
Verified Patient
First time I have seen such helping nature doctor strongly to all ,also quering very well,
his friendliness and warm approach towards patients problem Detail checking and giving suggestion on medicine intake
Verified Patient
I had a L - 4,5 disc coz of which I had weakness in my legs. Dr Vikas did microdiscectomy surgery for me. I am totally free of pain strongly recommended the doctor.
Verified Patient
I visited dr. Vikas for migraine problem..He listens to your problem very patiently..very satisfied with treatment..m very much benefitted with treatment.thx doctor
Verified Patient
I took my wife for migraine treatment, before the treatment she was suffering from extreme headache & now post treatment she is in 90% relief.
Verified Patient
Doctor treated the patient in a very friendly manner as well the medicines which were prescribed by the doctor was so effective that the patient got fit without a surgery within two months.
Verified Patient
. I visited him for my facial paralysis few months back... I thought I will never get better.. but with dr Vikas treatment now I have totally recovered from the disease... thx doc
Verified Patient
I was suffering from facial paralysis my face paralysis my face was totally deviated then I took treatment from dr vikas last for 1.5 months now I am back to my normal smile .
Verified Patient
Dr vikas is a very friendly doctor who listens to the patient very calmly and provides a genuine suggestion for improvement. Highly recommended.
Verified Patient
Really a great and honest doctor with great experience . The meeting with Dr. Vikas Kathuria is always pleasant and satisfactory. He always listen to the patient's problem carefully and dignose accordingly.
Verified Patient
I met Dr. Vikas Kathuria for my resistant back pain. I was afraid of some slip disk. I took his treatment to along with physiotherapy. Now I am pain free, thank for Dr. Vikash Kathuria
Verified Patient
I met Dr Vikas for my resistant back pain I was afraid of some slip disc. I took him treatment along with physiotherapy now I am pain free, thanks to Dr Vikas ..

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