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Deep Arora
We came all the way from Bangla to your Clinic for my shoulder surgery. You are the best doctor I ve ever seen. You ve given my hand a new life. I am so grateful to you and your entire team for excellent treatment and friendly behavior. May God bless you.
Samay Sinha
Genuine opinions from the doctor and very good diagnosis for my problems. Doesnt prescribe unnecessary medications or dosage which may not be required. The doctor spends a good amount of time understanding your problem and the history behind it. Will guide you through treatment and also recommend you to other specialists if needed. Extremely satisfied with my treatment and highly recommended for any neuro issues.
Sijo John
I had severe back spasm 2 months back when I lifted some heavy. I consulted Dr Vikas kathuria. He examined me taking time xrays done and treatment was simple but best. He ruled out any disc prolapse. Now I am fine. He is really genuine and he understands our pockets too. Best doctor.
Lovish Dua
I have a very nice experience with Dr. Kathruria. He is thoroughly professional and always listened to us patiently. My mother was in excruciating pain when we reached Columbia Asia hospital. Dr. Kathuria analyzed the reports and scans meticulously and then suggested for surgery. Everything went fine and now mother is in recovery path. Dr. Kathuria is very approachable and you can discuss each and everything pertaining to the matter in detail. Looking at my mother situation I can say that I found God in Dr. Kathuria. I wish him success in all of his future endeavors. Great Doctor.
Gautam Singh
I had small mole on my face but i wanted to get it removed as it made me conscious. I got laser Treatment from dr jasdeep . I am very happy.
Harshad Wani
Dr. Vikas Kathuria is a very competent Neurologist. He is not only brilliant with his diagnosis and treatment, but he has an extremely approachable and simple attitude. He explains and listens to the patient attentively, a quality which is non-existent in doctors nowadays. I am truly blessed to have him as my doctor!
Ashad Narayanan
Thanks to Dr vikas kathuria who treated my chronic backache and explained everything in detail. He is one of the Best Neuro Doctors in Gurugram.
Krantiraj Rote
Dr. Vikas Kathuria is just an amazing Doctor! He is the best neurologist in Gurgaon who is super specialized in Spinal problems. My mother was suffering through the movement disorders and he treated her very well. His observations are precise. He is always on time. He does not keep patients waiting unless there is an emergency that he has to attend to. He gives good advice to patients about diets and Lifestyle habits.
Ravindra Wani
Treatment of Brain Haemorrhage is not easy. I consulted various hospitals and neurosurgeons to get the treatment for my elder brother. It was quite complicated as we wasted lots of our time in search of the right doctor. My friend recommends me Dr. Vikas Kathuria - Best Neurosurgeon in Gurgaon. Got the surgery done and my brother was advised for 1-month bed rest. I should say, he saved his life.
Deven Das
My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and Dr. Vikas Kathuria successfully operated her at Columbia Asia Hospital Gurgaon to remove the tumor. He treated her nicely and at a very low cost. I visited him at his clinic for further clinical diagnosis. He is really a good doctor and a good person. Staff is also very supportive. Thank you, doctor.
Rashmi Verma
Happy and satisfied to Take Peel Treatment for My Face... Now Its glowing Thank Dr jasdeep.
Virender Dravid
Dr.Vikas Kathuria is really a super specialist doctor on Spine and Brain in all over India. my mother was diagnosed with the spine problem and was treated by him only. For the consultation, we visited him at his clinic whereas her surgery was performed in Columbia Asia Hospital by him only. The treatment and the services offered by him was up to the mark. I would like to say thanks to him for his co-operation and dedication.
Deepak Kaushik
I m satisfied with Dr. Vikas and I recommended everyone for Dr. Vikas kathuria
Neha Ahlawat
Trustworthy n very familiar doctor with correct diagnosis of every skin..I had really good experience with Dr.jasdeep.she make my skin so beautiful with minimum time period..thankw so much skin aura team n special thanks to Dr.Jasdeep😊
DrRahul Goyal
Best neurosurgeon and best human being in NCR. Best wishes always dear
Sougat K
I have been into IT sector for 10 years. Sitting on chairs in front of the system and dedicatedly working on the system is one of the tiring jobs. I was diagnosed with cervical nerve problem which was painful and hurting stage of my life. I could not quit the job as it was the only source of my survival. I consulted Dr. Vikas Kathuria and I was operated by him for which I had to take one month left. Finally, I got relieved from the cervical pain and can work on the right posture.
Yash Pandit
Dr jasdeep is exceptionally talented dermatologist who took very good care of my skin problem. ...I would recommend her to all...
Sandeep Kumar
Best Clinic for spinal problems, I was suffering from lower back pain from 8 months so I took the meditational treatment as suggested by Dr. Vikas Kathuria and I m satisfied with my improvement in 7 days. I m very thankful to Dr. Vikas Kathuria & his guidance towards a healthy lifestyle & diet. I ll definitely suggest this Clinic to others seeking quick recovery at low cost.
Vimal Miglani
I took treatment from Dr Jasdeep Kaur. She is one of the best cosmetologist in Gurgaon. The clinic is awesome. Highly recommended
Arjun Singh
My father-in-law was suffering from Cervical Spondylosis. The disease was so severe that he was not able to ambulate. He consulted at many hospitals and was misguided. I have taken him to Dr. Vikas Kathuria sir who diagnosed him correctly and performed lumbar decompression surgery. Dr. Vikas Kathuria is highly knowledgeable, humble and a good human. Thank you, sir, and wish you all the best.
Ravinder Pal Singh Malhotra
Dr jasdeep is exceptionally talented dermatologist who took very good care of my skin problem. ...I would recommend her to all...
Very good and supporting doctor!! you can trust him and the medications provided by him. I consulted him for my husband’s backache problem. He diagnosed with L4 & L5 muscle weakness through MRI and suggested regular medication along with the physiotherapy. The way of treating the patients is actually awesome. Tons of thanks to him for his positive attitude and humble approach.
Sunny Rajput
I am bringing my son for vitiligo treatment to Dr. Jasdeep Kaur. I was not getting any relief from any clinic. I am very satisfied and continuing with her treatment. Thanks Mam.
Malhar Jagdish Sape
My mother had a brain stroke around 5 months back. After initial hospitalization, we approached Dr. Vikas Kathuria in Max Hospital for her speedy recovery and his expert opinion. I would say, he was very inspiring and sensitive. His diagnosis is very good and patients/relatives can always reach him during an emergency. I would strongly recommend him for neuro-related treatments and he is definitely one of the best neurosurgeon in Gurgaon.
Sanjay Kumar Sharma
Best neurosurgeon in New gurgaon. I get free after 7 pm and he is available when I need him. Thanks to him as he treated my low backache.
Lovey Arora
My friends depression and anxiety had taken over his life… He recently got help at Skin aura Brain & Spine Neuro Centre and consulted to Dr. Vikas Kathuria. The treatment worked well. The staff treated him so kindly and helped him more than they will ever know! Their facility with such a dedicated staff and administration makes it a real leader in the field of Neuropsychological health services.
Neha Sunny Rajput
visited Dr Vikas for my back pain... Came to know there is L4-L5 disc for which I underwent surgery microdissectomy from him.... Now I m totally pain free... Thx Dr Vikas
Rajiv Pratap
I know Dr. Vikas Kathuria since 2014, diagnosed my blood clot in my first visit, which was not been identified by many doctors. He is highly knowledgeable. A nice Human being with helping nature and profound experience. I am very thankful to Dr. Kathuria, living my second life because of him. His timely and positive treatment helped to recover my health.
Nishant Sood
Awesome doctors, really helped me a lot in discovering the neural origin of my dermatological disease
Raj Raj
Best doctor for Neurological treatments. If anyone having any neurological disorders or issue, do visit him. I consulted him for my father’s illness who was bedridden due to long illness an got his back pain problem. Medically, we dont know the exact spinal problem, yes, we got the right treatment for him. He is better and active now.
Inderpal Singh Khajuria
This is one of most beautiful clinic I have seen. I am taking laser treatment from Dr Jasdeep since 3 months and very satisfied. Highly recommended.
Varsh Harsh
My Son fell off from the terrace last month. He got his brain injured due to which he was having sleeping problems and lost his senses many of the times. We searched for the Best neurologist for head injuries and found Dr. Vikas Kathuria. Being a Paediatric neurosurgeon, he diagnosed and treated him well with medication and therapies. My son Aditya is well now and behaves like a normal kid. All thanks to Doctor for his timely support.
Diwan Beniwal
I had blackish discolouration at nose when i went to hilly areas. I took treatment for the same from Dr jasdeep kaur. I got Q switch treatment after 2 sessions only ; I was back to normal. Thanks a ton, Dr Jasdeep is best cosmetologist.
Sam Arora
My father had a manic psychotic episode while vacationing in India. We found Neuropsychiatry online and were very pleased with the prompt reply we received from Dr. Vikas Kathuria. During admission, they explained upfront how long it would take to decrease his manic behavior and assured us that there was no "magic bullet." As we are from an overseas country and we were concerned about Indian practices; however we felt very comfortable with their transparency regarding fees, length of stay and overall care. They guaranteed that they would not hold him longer than needed and assured us that we would personally see a noticeable difference in his health. After 11 days we could see a large difference in his health and received a fit to fly certificate so that he could fly back. Thank you for the honest and professional service! I would definitely recommend this clinic.
Harshad Wani
My 72-year-old father was diagnosed with the Brain Tumor. The treatment seemed impossible as we are not financially sound and My Dad was not having the media-claim as well. We were in need of an experienced yet pocket-friendly doctor. I googled Dr. Vikas kathuria, consulted him for my father, got the treatment which was cost-effective. His nature was amazing and consented to make the payment in 3 installments. Happy to recommend him for neurological disorders. He is not like others who are there to make money only. I really liked his nature and way of treatment.
Aham Singh
A first impression is the last impression. Consulting the doctor means paying huge consultation charges, Visit any doctor and you are required to make payment of Rs 1000/- without any use. I Connected Dr. Vikas Kathuria who just charges Rs 600/- as a part of his consultation and devote a good amount of time listening to the patients. I would recommend him to everyone who is unable to get the right neurological treatment just because of lack of money.
Ghanshyam Avadhute
It was a purely professional and up to the mark experience visiting Dr. Vikas Kathuria. I was having issues with Migraine & severe headaches. Dr. Vikas prescribed necessary tests to ascertain hes pinpointing the root cause. Prescribed necessary, minimal medications & roadmap. Will surely like to review this after a certain period. Thanks for all the help Doctor.
Mike Williams
Due to work stress, I was unable to have a healthy life. I was having severe headache and back pain as well. I consulted many doctors as I was unable to switch my job. I was looking for the perfect solutions which may save my life and my job as well. I consulted Dr. Vikas Kathuria and got the treatment last month. Back pain is almost gone now and headache occurs sometime whenever I neglect the health issues. One must go to him to get the brain and spine related treatments.

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