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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation in Gurgaon

Some people are blessed with facial dimples. No doubt, it makes their smile stand out of crowd and give a youthful charm to their overall personality. More to it, dimples are perceived as a sign of beauty and good luck. But not everyone is born with such facial trait. However, you are lucky to have born in this techno world and if you want dimples on your cheek you can go for a dimple creation surgery.

Do you know how natural dimples are formed?

Dimples by birth are due to a muscle defect. Majorly, it is caused by a facial muscle known as zygomaticus. When this facial muscle (zygomaticus) is shorter than usual, it pulls at the skin forming indentation on face. Dimples may appear deeper when a person smile. Dimple is also linked to heredity trait. That means, if both or one of your parents have a dimple you are likely to have a dimple. And, if it doesn’t run in your family history, you can still pull that adored smile with medical procedures. The surgical procedure for dimple creation is called dimpleplasty.

What is Dimpleplasty?

Dimple Creation in Gurgaon

As the name suggests, dimpleplasty is the procedure of creating dimples through plastic surgery. These indentations are common on cheeks, chin and lower back. Most people opt for dimpleplasty to get dimple on their cheeks to make their smile youthful and noticeable. People going for dimple surgeries have significantly increased in number as it is believed to be a sign of beauty.

The dimple creation surgery (dimpleplasty) is a minimal invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. Before heading on to the surgery, the surgeon will mark the skin area to plan placement of dimple. Once the position of dimple is planned, the buccinator muscle present inside the cheek is worked on through a biopsy instrument. A small opening is made inside the cheek to form dimple by removing a small portion of muscle to cause stretch. This creates a natural looking dimple on the face. Dissolvable stitches are used to close the opening inside.

The surgery is quick and takes about 30 minutes. The patient is immediately discharged from the hospital. However, there are chances of mild swelling which will go away in a few days. Cold packs can help reduce the discomfort od swelling.

Risk Involved

Every surgery comes with a certain risk factor. The complications involved with dimpleplasty are rare, however, it is good to be aware of it. The person being operated may experience:-

  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Infection inside the cheek
  • Slight bleeding at the operated area
  • Damage to facial nerve

Always consult your doctor immediately if you experience any difficulty. Risks are always involved but most people who have undergone dimpleplasty have had a good experience.

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