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There are various skin conditions that cause formation of spots on the skin. These spots can be in the form of moles, warts or skin tags . None of the issue poses any health risks, however, look unappealing on the skin. The condition for all the three skin problems can appear quite similar and be confusing to figure out. So, before we move on to the removal techniques, lets look at each in detail.

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What is a Mole?

Moles are cell growths that can appear anywhere on the Skin; face, arms, legs, stomach, etc. It occurs when the skin cells grow in cluster and not as usual. These pigmented cells are usually black or brown in color. The growth of moles is expected in the first 25 years of life and mostly in childhood.

Some moles can change in color, size and texture over time. Exposure to sun can also stimulate its growth in few populations. Therefore, it is advisable to limit sun exposure and use sun screens. Moles can get serious if it becomes cancerous. Hence, its better to remove it timely from the skin before it turns dangerous.

What is a Wart?

Wart is a viral disorder that hails from human papilloma virus. This makes it contagious. Talking of appearance, a wart is hard lump in the skin which can appear reddish-brown on the outside. It is thick, hard and flat on the top but goes deeper into the skin. The most common type of wart is not harmful. Warts are contagious and can spread easily from one part of the body to another. It can appear on hands, knees or feet.

As being a cause of virus, it is important to remove warts from the skin before it passes to other skin areas. Warts can be eliminated only by killing the virus holding skin cells. The treatment can be painless if done by trained dermatologist.

What is skin-tag?

Skin tag is like a little ball of skin hanging on the skin surface. It can appear anywhere on the skin such as eyelids, neck, under-arms, groins and upper chest. However, it is more common in areas that undergo friction like the under arms. It can cause irritation and may even bleed sometimes. Skin tags grow in adults and is more common in people with diabetes and obesity. The good news is, it can be easily fixed by a dermatologist.


If you are not comfortable with your mole, wart or skin-tag don’t stress over it. Various medical procedures can get you rid of it. We share the different removal options that you can consider to remove the unpleasing skin issues.

Treatment for Mole Removal

Mole on any skin area can be removed using the following procedures:-

1. Excision: In this process of mole removal, the mole area is cut out using surgical scissors. A local anesthesia is used to avoid pain during the treatment. Sometimes a mole can have cell growths below the top layer of skin, removing which may follow up with a few stitches. This may result in a temporary scar.

2. Shave: This technique is useful for small moles. The skin area is numbed with local anesthesia and the mole is shaved using a scalpel (surgical instrument). This procedure generally leaves behind a pinkish mark that heals with time.

3. Freezing: The mole area is frozen using liquid nitrogen to remove the mole. It is effective on small, non-cancerous growths. The patient might experience small blisters on the treated area which goes off in some time.

4. Laser treatment: This is an effective treatment to remove moles from skin. Small moles that are non-cancerous can be eliminated using laser. The laser energy breaks down the cluster of skin cells forming a mole. This method is useful for removing moles from face and ears which is hard for the cutting treatments. This method is potent to remove multiple moles at a time.

Treatment for Wart Removal

Warts can be treated with the help of the following procedures:-

1. Cryotherapy: This is a freezing technique of eliminating warts. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the target area to freeze the wart. However, as warts grow deeper inside, the technique may fail to freeze the deeper layers of skin. During the process, formation of blister is seen around the wart. In a week or two the wart turns into dead skin that falls off.

2. Cantharidin:This is a blister beetle extract that is used on the skin area with wart. After the application of cantharidin, the area is covered using a bandage. The extract works upon the skin and lifts off the wart from skin.

3. Medication:The wart is injected with bleomycin to kill the wart causing virus. And, the person in given an immunotherapy drug called imiquimod which stimulates the immune system and helps to fight wart virus.

4. Salicylic acid:It is used as an active ingredient in topical creams. The acid dissolves the wart tissue on regular application of cream bringing the skin area to normal state.

5. Surgery: Minor surgeries can be used to get rid of the wart when therapies fail to show effects. During the surgical procedure, the wart is removed by cutting off the area. And, the lower layers are destroyed with deep freezing or by using an electric needle.

6. Laser Surgery: In this procedure, heat from laser energy is used to destroy the wart tissue.

Treatment for Skin-tag Removal

Skin tag are harmless. However, if it bothers you, the following treatments can help you get rid of these hanging skin growths: -

1. Cryotherapy: It is a freezing technique in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin area with skin tag.

2. Surgery: Surgical instruments such as the surgical scissors are used to cut of the skin tag from the surface of skin.

3. Electrosurgery: In this surgical treatment, high frequency electro waves are used to destroy the skin tag.

4. Laser: CO2 laser is used to burn the base of skin tag .It is very fast, painless procedure and above that doesn’t leave any scar.

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