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body contouring treatment in gurgaon

Body contouring is a medical procedure to give a firm look to various body parts to significantly improve the overall appearance. It is also known as body sculpting. These are cosmetic procedures that focus on lifting loose skin, reducing areas of fat, treating stubborn pockets of fat resulting due to genetic issues. The contouring procedures can be both surgical and non-surgical.

Coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis Cost in Gurgaon

Today, people are getting more conscious of their bodies and desire to look their best. Healthy diet and exercises do a lot good, but sometimes it doesn’t bring any effect on areas with stubborn fat. These fat deposits may be a consequence of heredity. Some of us might have worked really hard to lose those extra kilos to fit into the dress you always wanted. But, losing a significant amount of weight leaves behind sagging skin in different areas such as abdomen, waist, upper arms, thighs etc., which is hard to get rid of. The contouring techniques are designed to target such areas to give you a defined look, making you feel more confidence personally and in your favorite outfits.

Commonly Targeted Body Areas

Body contouring procedures are commonly used for altering the appearance of the following body parts:-

  • Face, chin & neck
  • Loose Upper arms
  • Sagging breast and bra rolls
  • Abdomen area and the love handles
  • Inner & outer thighs
  • Butt
  • Knees

Reasons that can generate the need for Body Contouring

Usually, skin tightening procedures are opted by individuals experiencing major skin sagging issues. However, it can also be opted by people who want to have a defined and perfect appearance. It is a common pick by:-

  • Women after bearing a child can experience changes in body shape. Also, breast-feeding can cause sagging of the breasts. Body contouring can help to achieve pre-childbearing shape.
  • Individuals who lose a significant amount of weight can feel perfectly fit, but the stretched skin tends to lose making the appearance un-defined. Body contouring & tightening is the answer to a defined shape.
  • Aging can cause significant changes to the way we look. We always want to look young and bright. With skin tightening techniques, it has become possible to extend your youth.

Types of Body Contouring Treatment in Gurgaon

Each person carries a different body type, problem areas, goals and preferences. To find out the best body contouring treatment you need to share your issues and body goals with the professional. But before that you must have a basic idea of the treatments available:-

Surgical Treatment in Gurgaon


Cryolopolysis Body Treatment in Gurgaon

It is a non-surgical procedure to reduce fat deposits. This technique is also known as CoolSculpting as it targets the fat tissue using cold temperatures. The areas of fat are targeted in a controlled freezing temperature which destroys the fat cells leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The collapsed fat cells get flushed off the body through lymphatic system.

The treatment usually takes 30-60 minutes depending on the target area and the patient can resume to work after the session.

Problem areas that can be targeted with CoolSculpting are; arms, double chin, abdomen, bra-rolls, back fat, thighs and fat under the buttocks.

Laser Lipolysis:

Laser Lipolysis Treatment Gurgaon

Also known as SculpSure, is a non-surgical procedure performed under controlled high temperatures using laser energy. The heat from laser energy destroys the fat cells in the targeted area. The fat cells get collapsed and gets out of the body through lymphatic system in about 12 weeks after the surgery.

Multiple sessions are required to get desired results. It usually takes 25 minutes for each treatment. Commonly used to target the area of abdomen and flanks.

Radiofrequency Lipolysis:

Radiofrequency Lipolysis Treatment Gurgaon

Radiofrequency techniques use ultrasound technology to alter the target body area. Ultrasound technology is a medical advancement that causes minimal to no discomfort to the patient. These techniques are gentle to the skin and cause no harm.

Multiple treatments may be required to get the desired results. Each treatment takes about an hour. After the treatment, patient can resume to work. It treats well the problem areas of abdomen and flanks.

Injection Lipolysis:

Fat Freezing Treatment

It is again a non-surgical treatment that mainly uses injection to get rid of double chin. The injection consists of synthetic deoxycholic acid that targets the fat cells in the area. The collapsed fat cells get out of the body in few weeks after the treatment.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes after which the patient may experience some swelling which gradually goes away. You can resume to work immediately or in few days depending on your condition. It is majorly used to treat double chin problems.


Best Liposuction Treatment Gurgaon

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove unwanted fat from various body parts. It is useful to treat delicate & small portions of skin area such as below eye. This procedure helps the surgeon to remove unappealing fat from in a customized manner. It demands comparatively long recovery time.

Fat Transfer:

The technique of fat transfer is useful with different body contouring procedures. Liposuction method is used to remove fat from the excess fatty region and then it is injected into the areas where more volume is required such as breasts or butt. This helps in giving a proportionate figure.

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Service in Gurgaon

Skin tightening is done along with body contouring procedures to support the area. It can be carried as a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Viora Reaction machine for skin Treatment Gurgaon

In surgical skin tightening, the excess skin area is removed by invasive procedures to tighten the area. This usually gives very firm look but may sometimes leave a scar. These scars fade with time if taken care.

In non-surgical tightening, laser technology is used to tighten the skin area.In this procedure laser energy is used to generate heat under the target skin that cause it to shrink. This leaves behind minimal to no scar. However, it is helpful for those looking for tightening in small proportion.

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