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Good communication skills, put you at ease to get your history and friendly nature. Explains health issues very politely. Doctor is nice and soft spoken. He spends time in symptom analysis and explains the problem well before writing his prescription. He thoroughly guided for treatment including my timetable changes and it actually helped me a lot. I would certainly recommend him.
Parvesh Khatri
Doctor is nice and soft spoken. He spends time in symptom analysis and explains the problem well before writing his prescription. He thoroughly guided for treatment including my timetable changes and it actually helped me a lot. I would certainly recommend him.
Sunil Rai
My aunt had come from UP. She was having severe back pain in middle. She was diagnosed as Potts spine with pressure on spinal cord. She got operated from Dr vikas Kathuria, screws were inserted to fix the spine and cleaning of nerves was done 20 days before. Now she is perfectly fine and able to walk of her own and on TB treatment. Thanks doctor for picking up the disease on time and for successful surgery.
Shamir Khan
I had a wonderful experience in skin aura brain centre, I took Consultation from neuro as well as skin in a combo offer and that made my day. I am fine with Dr Kathuria treatment and quite impressed the way he explained me about the disease and acting on grass roots levels. He is a true gentleman.
Geeta Rani
Dr vikas kathuria is very supportive. He guided me nicely and took care of my issues and care very diligently and calmly during my admission to a hospital. Apart from being a wonderful doctor, he is a gem of a person. Thanks doctor
Very happy with services of skin aura Gurgaon... Came here for uneven skin tone... Very satisfied... Thanks Dr. Jasper and team
megha dhiman
My experience with the doctor was very good. She is very calm and listen my problem very patiently. I always want to recommend her for the skin treatments. I have never seen a cute doctor in my life who is very happy and down to earth.
ravi verma
Dr.jasdeep is great Doctor. I have taken treatment from here and I got very good results and I m very Happy after getting treatment from her. If any person has skin problems so I strongly recommend those person who are suffering from skin problems
Dil music Production
I was afraid of my L45 slip disc and I was declared a surgical case, I am also a cardiac patient, I have been treated in much better manner by by Dr vikas Kathuria, thanks sir. Now I am pain free on only one safe medication.
Ruby Khatri
She is very nice Dr.😄. I had started this treatment last year. I had many acnes on my face ...... After taking this treatment within in 3 month I had seen many changes on my face my oily skin becomes quite dry and sooooo smooth. They do not give any side effects and very useful
I have treatment for acne scars and laser hair removal for back.. I am very happy after 4 sessions.. Scars have reduced a lot. Thx to dr. Jasdeep and skin aura brain team
Umesh Sharma
I had severe pain on my left shoulder and neck, I was advised MRIand some other tests. He operated upon my C56 disc with a artificial so called peek cage replacement. I am perfectly happy with the decision of undergoing surgery from Dr vikas Kathuria.
Major Balwan
I love to come to skin aura brain and take one or the other treatment...I had very uneven skin tone but after taking peels , carbon laser and some meso sessions I feel like my skin has become flawless...thx to dr.jasdeep
Arun Kumar
I am a student, living in hostel, I was diagnosed as Neurocysticercosis. I took treatment from dr vikas Kathuria at DLF phase 4 Gurgaon, he is very helpful, leaves no corner unturned to treat his patients. I am perfectly fine with his treatment.
Dr.vikas kathuria is one of .Best spine surgeon. He has good skills .patience ,and correct line of treatment .He is best neuro surgeon in gurgaon
koyal sharma
I m suffering from pcod since many year...I had really thick facial hair coz of which I was losing my confidence...Then I visited dr jasdeep in skin aura brain and spine neurocenter n gotta a laser done...My hair have thinned out now and no. also have gone down...thx
Hima Rani
was terrified when I came to know that my cervical spine needs a surgery but thanks to Dr Vikas Kathuria who made it possible and relieved me from the never ending neck and arm pain. He is a very good Neuro surgeon and I recommend him for all who are having similar problems
Ruchika Sharma
I had started this treatment last year in December and before December I had many acnes on my face .... After taking this treatment within in 3 months I had seen many changes on my face my oily skin becomes quite dry and Soo smooth .. their products are very good ... They do not give any side effects and ate very useful
GSK Army
Dr.jasdeep is best dermatologist n very good human being... I m very regular pt of doctor.jasdeep...I take treatment for my stretch marks and acne scars...m done with 4 sessions...amazing results....I never thought i will get this much difference...thx doctor
Harinder Vashisht
My brother in law took treatment from Dr vikas Kathuria, we had a wonderful experience with him. Thanks doc.
Gaming Yue
m taking prp treatment from doctor hair fall has really reduced ....i was really scared with my hair fall,i thought i will become bald...Now i can see new hair growth also...thx madam
Gopal Madaan
Came here for acne and acne scars... I feel lot of difference after few sessions of peel... Thx to skin aura brain clinic
Himanshu Choudhri
Very happy with services of skin aura Gurgaon... Came here for uneven skin tone... Very satisfied... Thanks Dr. Jasper and team
Manbar Panwar
M taking acne scars treatment from Dr. Jasdeep... Very happy with results after 4 sessions.. .she combined PRP with fractional laser n after which I feel drastic difference... Thx doctor
Abhishek Kataria
She patiently listens to the problem and makes the patient comfortable enough to interact. What I liked about her is she gives very mild Skin treatments which wont leave any side effects in long run on your skin and at the same time makes your skin feel better....earlier I visited many dermatologists and they just make you and ur money run out... She is quite reasonable in both ways as well... Thanks, Dr. Jasdeep ..I Strongly recommend her.
Vijay Pal
LDr. Jasdeep Kaur is very professional and soft-spoken doc. I have consulted her for Laser hair removal and I am done with Reputed laser machine. The treatment started giving me result after 3 weeks. I would like to recommend a doctor for many more skin treatments.
Dheerendra Pratap Singh
Dr. Jasdeep is best dermatologist of gurgling... She is very knowledgeable n explains everything properly... I had taken a skin whitening treatment from her with some peels... Respectable results.... Really happy with it... Thx
Ravinder Arya
Great services in both the fields of Skin aura and spinal/ Neuro fields by Dr Kathurias. I know Dr Vikas since 1993 and he is a great person to help people and totally professional as a doctor. He is 100% dedicated to his studies and job. I would recommend him and madam to all. My best wishes to his new venture and may God give them success.
deepak pal
Visited skin aura clinic for bad hair fall... Dr. Jasdeep suggested me PRP treatment for the same... Took 4 sessions after which I feel a very good control on hair fall n in fact new hair growth also... Strongly recommended
Abhishek Shukla
Beautiful clinic, very nice staff.. .got my nose piercing done and took some glow treatment here.. .. Must say best clinic in Gurgaon. .. Strongly recommended
gaurav gulati
Beautiful clinic, very nice staff....came here for skin lightening n glow treatment...took few sessions of peels n laser along with glutathione injections....great results...really want to thank dr jasdeep....
Sachin Bhatia
I had been suffering from a resistant wart for a long time and tried getting cured at best of clinics and skin specialists but was disappointed. Thankfully I went to Dr. Jasdeep Malhotra in Gurgaon at her Clinic- Skin Aura Was offered a consultation to me. She treated me with an amazing Cryotherapy in one sitting and fully cured me of same. I am grateful to her and appreciate her soft professional nature great treatment and amazing result.
Devendra Kumar
Thankyou so much for helping me with my dandruff. it was getting endless and I m very happy with the treatment. My wife started coming hear to. Dr. jasdeep Kaur is one of the best dermatologist in town. Thankyou doctor for your best expert advice..
Chandra Prakash Daharwal
I am very old patient of Dr jasdeep ...keep coming here for one or another glow treatment...Taken few sessions of peels n mesotherapy recently before my marriage... noticeable results...all thx to dr.jasdeep
Navy Saini
I got my aunt operated for L45 disc problem at Metro hospital gurgaon. She is quite well and now walking in just 5 days. We are very thankful for excellent surgery by Dr Vikas Kathuria. Highly recommended.
Ankit Rathi
I had bad scar on my face.. I gotta scar revision done from Dr jasdeep... Its been almost a month. . .Its almost invisible now.. .m expecting more results in couple of months as per doctor.. Very very happy. Thanks doc
Avni Choudhary
I took treatment from Dr vikas kathuria for neurological disorder. He explained me everything in detail and advised some tests. He is very scientific and upto standards. I thank you sir for my accurate diagnosis and advice.
anju rana
Ultimate centre for all skin and cosmetology problems. Dr Jasdeep is marvellous and highly recommended.
Poonam. gupta Anil. Gupta
Visiting Dr. Jasdeep on and off for one or another treatment. ..Recently taken a peel session for glow...I can see lot of difference in single treatment.. .N its so cost effective
surendra yadav
My roommate got operated for L5S1 discectomy by dr vikas now he is doing everything and painfree. Thank you sir.
Smitha Panicker
We got our colleque operated for subdural hematoma one month back. We are in follow up of dr vikas for last 20 days. He has good surgical hand. It is a good centre for all neuro and spine problems.
kiran s
I gotta hair transplant done with recent FUE technique In this center from Dr. Jasdeep and team.... Its been 6 months and I can see the e Wonderful results now.. ..M very happy with results and also this has changed my life
Mukesh Kumar
fantastic clinic n very good doctors...I was having bad scar on my face...She performed scar revision surgery with few laser sessions...scar almost disappeared after that..amazing results...thanks for giving me my confidence back
Vishal Diwan
My sister was suffering from headache from very long time but after visiting Dr. Vikas we got her MRI done n came to know its glioma...he suggested surgery and after surgery there is great improvement in my sister... M really thankful to Dr. Vikas...
Rajesh Kumar
I was suffering from scalp swelling since very long time.। Now it started to pain so I went to Dr. Vikas. ।। He explained me about the excision of cyst so nicely. it was totally painless procedure.। Would like to thank Dr. Vikas from bottom of my heart
Ritu Jain
Very good skin clinic... I am totally satisfy... If u have any skin problem... u should visit once..
Devender Chauhan
I heard a lot about this center from my frenz....but recently I also visited skin aura brain and spine neurocenter for acne scars.. ...I have taken 2 sessions of fractional laser ...there is drastic change in i understand why people praise about this center
Narayan Pratap
I know dr Vikas since few years when he was practicing in Rohtak...he is a very good surgeon... All of a sudden one day I developed Bells palsy for which I visited him... after few months of treatment I recovered from my disease totally... he is like a family dr for us...thx doc
NAmit Gulati
I had gone to Dr. Kathuria for Backache which was not relieved by over the counter pain killers. His way of examination was too good. He was passionate towards his work. His treatment not only brought relief of my pain but also now I contact him directly whenever I have any problem. He is kind enough to pick up calls even at night. Strongly recommemd Him.
Gaurav Prajapati
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Your genuine concern for my mother is really appreciated during the difficult phase in our life. Dr Vikas is one of the most kind, compassionate doctor I have ever come in contact with. He took care of my mom the many times she was in the hospital, the last time my mom was in the hospital we are waiting for him to come in & when he did, we all knowing he was going to take care of everything and of course he did. Thank you for taking the time to listen & understand. YOU have a heart of gold and are the true meaning of what doctor is supposed to be for their patients. Thank you for all your kindness, support & encouragement during my hard time. Your care & compassion will not be forgotten. Thanks for being a Super Doctor. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Gratefully Yours
Rajat Sharma
Very good experience with Dr vikas.... I visited for my chronic back problem.... I am taking his medicine and doing some exercises what he told me... Almost 95% relieved..Thanks dr sahab
Rahul Kumar Chaudhary
Excellent experienced doctor and wonderfully maintained facility. I tried it, personally and was super impressed with the clarity of the diagnose and effectiveness of the treatment. Though I was struggling with the ailment for a long time, and had consulted many doctors with no success. Would highly recommend it. Thank you Doctor. Regards, Maj Rahul Chaudhary, Retd.
I came Here for glow Treatment for my Marriage... Mesotherapy Of face gives very nice results...EveryOne Noticed The Change and Glow On My Face.
Sunny Rajput
I was having bad back pain since years together ..then I visited Dr Vikas he told I have L4-L5 disc... He explained about the surgery in detail... With great courage I decided to undergo surgery called microdissectomy.... I am very happy after surgery. . I dont know how to thank Dr vikas
Jashwant Singh
I visited Dr Vikas for my back pain which was there since years was becoming difficult to do my routine day to day activities...I saw many local doctors but there was no relief then I came to know about Dr Vikas from my friend...He got my MRI done...came to know about disc prolapse and after few days of medicines ,he advised me surgery...since I was in so much pain so I thought I should get a surgery done...Its almost 6 months now when I got operated from him...My pain has gone n he is the best neurosurgeon...I will be thankful to him always and forever...thx a lot Dr Vikas...I have no words....u have given me my life back
This is for treatment of my friends mother done at Gurgaon. Dr Vikas Kathuria , my heartfelt thanks for all your efforts to bring back my friends" 65 year old moms life to normal after performing Spine surgery. Multiple level foraminotomy and Kyphoplasty was successful. I am so glad that we found a doctor like you and with your skills and expertise today she is independent in all her daily activities and now able to do household work , she is very thankful to you. Doctor, You serve the needy in most efficient manner.
Naveen Garg
I visited dr jasdeep for body lightening treatment...very good results...never expected treatment will give that much results....thx skin aura clinic..thx mam
Naveen Garg
I visited dr jasdeep for body lightening treatment...very good results...never expected treatment will give that much results....thx skin aura clinic..thx mam
Sunny Vlogs
Its a beautiful clinic...I came here few months back for skin lightening treatment...I have taken few sessions of peels and mesoglow...m very regular now...very much satisfied...strongly recommend skin aura brain and spine neurocenter...thx Dr jasdeep
rakesh kumar
I visited Dr jasdeep for my hair fall problem...taken mesotherapy for the same...amazing results...not only hair fall has got controlled...also hair quality has become better
surya goyal
I visited Dr Jasdeep for coloured tattoo on my body and i had to join a govt job ..I took 3 sessions with Dr. Jasdeep and m very happy with the treatment. ..Thx skin aura and mam
Krishan Kumar
Skin aura is one of the best clinic for Neuro and spine problems. Value for money and easily approachable.
jaspal singh
I visited Dr jasdeep for tattoo removal...very happy in 4 sessions...strongly recommended skin aura brain and spine neurocenter
Delight Bakers
Best skin clinic in Gurgaon for for Permanent hair removal with latest laser hair removal pain free treatment at best prices in less time with magical results. i strongly recommend this doctor Skin Laser Clinic for any type of skin problems, must go once to consult with them. Great Services and very polite staff.
Anil Behl
I visited Dr.JASDEEP KAUR for my wrinkles ..but I was scared of injection so mam explained me about non invasive hifu treatment... Thanks doctor
Rajesh Malhotra
Dr Vikas Kathuria is an excellent Neurosurgeon ,with a very good clinical acumen.A very humble,soft spoken doctor who carefully listens to the patient complaints,diagnosis very well & thereafter Manages the case very effectively. Rest assured ,clients being treated under Dr Vikas Kathurias care shall always be fully satisfied. by
Rajesh Malhotra
Dr Vikas Kathuria is an excellent Neurosurgeon ,with a very good clinical acumen.A very humble,soft spoken doctor who carefully listens to the patient complaints,diagnosis very well & thereafter Manages the case very effectively. Rest assured ,clients being treated under Dr Vikas Kathurias care shall always be fully satisfied. by
Dev v
I came here for anti ageing treatment and dr Jasdeep has helped me a lot..I am looking 10 years younger now...Thanks Dr.Jasdeep...
dhananjay rai
I visited mam for my bad acne scars coz of which I lost confidence in myself.I have got 4 sessions of co2 laser done with her...And I feel there is lot of difference in me.I am so thankful to mam...
anjali roy
I visited the clinic 1 month back for skin problem. i was impressed from the ambience of clinic as well as treatment by Dr Jasdeep
abhiraj singh
Dr jasdeep is Best doctor for chronic skin diseases. I got my maid treated from her last month. She also waived off the fees next two times. Thanks madam.
sep11 anki
Dr Vikas kathuria is better than anybody else as he treated my L45 backache and so I avoided the surgery.
Naveen allawadhi
My son had headache and on mri it was diagnosed as arachnoid cyst. With his treatments he is absolutely fine.
Vipul Sethi
I have been undergoing treatment with Dr Kathuria for migraines since last 3 months and I have been successfully cured from my 3 years lasting bursting headaches. I am very much satisfied with his approach towards his patients, he is undoubtedly one of the best doctors I have come across till date. Thanks doc.
Cs Deepak
It was a wonderful experience. The way he told me what need to be done to change the lifestyle in order to cure the disease actually helped me a lot. Highly recommended
Palak Sonu
A very good experience with Dr kathuria. I was well taken care of by the staff. I feel nice from his counseling also and obviously from his given treatment surely I will recommend to visit Skin Aura brain and spine centre
Rani Waliya
Doctor vikas was very patient listening to the background of medical issues. Doctor explained in detail the measures for lifestyle changes. He explained each and every medicine , how it is going to be effective in my case.
Mukesh Sharma
I had severe back pain although I had done my MRI also, no disc problem was there. My problem was treated by Dr vikas by identifying the reason and giving correct advice, information and treatment. He is really true to his profession and makes you better definitely with his dedication. Thanks doctor.
Dhananjay Rai
My brother was suffering from severe headache since long time. ..After showing to Dr. Vikas we came to know its epidural abscess and even the bone got rotten. . .His surgery saved his life. he is totally fine and doing well. ..thank Dr. Vikas for all your help at right time
chirag chugh
I took treatment for my uneven scars on face. It was a beautiful experience and adam gave me few antibiotics and thereafter 3 sessions of peels and lasers. I got the complete package in half the charges due to Festival season and it was worth spending at skin Aura.
Deepak Rana
Whenever my sister has an special event coming up She like to visit Skin Aura Brain. Dr Jasdeep is an excellent doctor and my sister was very happy with the laser mole removal she did just before this Diwali. As it was near nose and was becoming darker She was very afraid. The twenty year old mole disappeared without a mark . The staff at her Gurgaon clinic at Supermart 2 is very well trained and helpful. I too was very satisfied with her free advice on skin pigmentation.
Nitin Sharma
My brother was suffering from bad back pain since so many years...after visiting so many Drs we came to know about Dr Vikas...We got a MRI done n came to know its l4 -L5 disc...After his advice he underwent a disc surgery...Now he can do all normal activities n totally painfree
Sudhir kumar
Very satisfied with the treatment received for Acne and scars reduction. In fact I got very low cost and best treatment in a package which lasted 2 months. Dr Jasdeep is the best and most skilled in acne.
Sudhanshu Arora
Beautiful clinic and very good staff...I am taking PRP treatment from doctor for my hair fall...its been 3sessions now...I can see the new hair growth....M very happy with results...thx doc
Gyan Prakash
My sister is big fan of Dr.jasdeep ...she got married recently n taken pre-bridal treatment from her...I would like to thank her from bottom of my heart to give her glowing skin for her wedding day
nikhil chugh
I had severe headache and also issues regarding hairfall. I visited skin aura clinic and got combo consultation in cost effective rate. I took simple treatment as prescribed by dr vikas and took 3 sessions of PRP from dr Jasdeep mam. I was explained thoroughly and I was treated in a graceful manner. Staff is also good . Got good discount on medicines too.Highly recommended.
Archit Malhotra
I had bad tattoo on my left arm. I took 5 sessions for it in very low cost. Now I have new tattoo of my name at same place.Dr jasdeep is highly recommended in tattoo removal.
Abhishek Jain
Got excellent results from laser treatment for skin tags. I will Highly recommend skin aura brain & spine neuro centre .... beautiful clinic and staff
Monish Kumar Rathod
Very bad experience with Skin Aura clinic. I never recommend this clinic for acne and acne scars treatment. I had suffered diarrhea and irritating dry skin with redness due to medicine prescribed. No one respond in emergency specially when you suffered from medicine side effects. Not affordable and doctor recommend for only expensive package for laser and chemical peeling.
Rinku Sagar
I am very old patient of dr.jasdeep .keep visiting her for one or other treatments..Recently I have started visiting her in Gurgaon clinic..I m taking beard shaping and chest and back laser hair reduction from her...satisfactory results..I strongly recommend her..
Basit Raza
I am very old patient of Dr.jasdeep...I had many warts on my neck and underarms....I was very scared initially but the treatment was totally painless n it didnt leave any scar. ..thx a lot mam
Sunil Arora
am Sunil Arora one of the sufferers facing skin problem from a long time. I took so many treatments with different doctors, To come out of this problem, I searched over Google and found Skin Aura Clinic. I was excited and hopeful, I met with doctor and she discussed my problems and started treatment on the basis of few tests. The treatment was really very effective and it helped me a lot. It is one of the renowned clinics in Gurgaon where Dr. Jasdeep Kaur Malhotra handles the case of skin and give best results. Thanks to Skin Aura Brain.
rajesh kumar
I was having back pain since many years once I visited dr Vikas for the same got my mri done. Than i i came to know that I have L4-5 disc I got microdiscectomy and foraminotomy I totally relief of my pain I really want to thank the whole team.
Simranjeet Singh
I visited dr .vikas for my headache / migraine problem which was there since ages..he is a true gentleman..listens to ur problem with patience n I feel my headache is almost gone..m really thankful to dr .vikas
abhishek singh
Visited for patchy baldness on my beard and scalp....Taken few medicine and injections....I could see the results in single injection...Very thankful to dr jasdeep and skin aura clinic
Sumit Kumar
Awesome clinic.. .I have not seen such a beautiful clinic in whole Gurgaon.. .I visited dr Jasdeep for my stretch marks which are there on my body since ages... I lost all hopes.. M taking fractional laser from her. ..In four sessions they appear quite lighter... I never expected this much result... Thx doc.. Strongly recommended
Samar tanwar
Best clinic in gurgaon ...I am very old patient of dr jasdeep...Very regular with her treatments..Recently tried treatment for acne scars...Awesome results in 3 sessions...And above all this she is wonderful person
shilpi Makkar
Medicines advised by Dr.Vikas was so effective that my husband recover from spine injury within few months without operation. I strongly believe in medicines recommended by him. Thanks
jugunoo kumar
I am in a profession where face is very important but i i was very underconfident coz of my uneven skin tone...I have taken few sessions of injectable glutathione and few peels with dr skin is 2 shade lighter now...m very satisfied with treatment...thx doc
Siku Khatoon
I took treatment for my cervical spine problem and headache from Dr Vikas kathuria. He listens to the problems patiently and quite eager to know your detailed history. His prescription is neat and also explains everything about medicine. I have recovered fully. Highly recommended he is best spine doctor.
Saurabh Negi
Looking for hair loss treatment! Follow me. I am Extremely happy with the results! No one could helped my hair issue except Dr Jasdeep. Thank you you so much for the best job you have done for my hair loss. I came to Skin Aura Centre at Gurgaon to get my thinning and falling hairs treated. Finally I have found a doctor really real. Believe me she really is the best :) Trichologist in Gurgaon.
Anuj Gupta
Dr Jasdeep is a very good doctor. more than a doctor she is a counsellor who will patiently listen to treatment. one thing that makes her stand out is the personal touch, she makes each patient feel special and give complimentary treatment without any extra charges.
Sandeep Kumar
Dr vikas kathuria is the best neurosurgeon in Delhi NCR. His treatments are cost effective and the way he treats his patients is commendable. He talks very politely and suggests best alternatives also apart from his recommended surgery. I am completely satisfied with him. He treats my mother and would surely recommend others to take his advice and treatment whenever necessary. Thanks Again Dr kathuria.
shashank tiwari
Dr jasdeep is best dermatologist in gurgaon...I came to her for my warts was painless and cost effective...its a beautiful center...very satisfied with treatment
aadil khan
Dr jasdeep has a very good diagnostic skills...many doctors couldnt tell its skin T.B.I never thought there is any term of this sought...its been 2 months I am taking treatment has already started getting better...thanKs a lot mam
Manish Sharma
I am regular visitor of this aura Gurgaon is beautiful clinic with best doctors...I have taken few sessions from Dr jasdeep like laser for acne scars and skin lightening treatment from mam....very reasonable rates of procedures... strongly recommended
Kamal Kumar
I visited for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Treatment, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Neurological dysfunction My eight year old baby Siya had suffered head injury , ahe waa very weak and was not doing well. We took treatment from Dr kathuria who gave simple treatment and in follow up she is much better. She has improved in her studies and gained weight which was desired. He is good for paediatric Neuro problems. Highly recommended.
gaurav kumar
Had a Great experience with Dr. Jasdeep Kaur. Got a PRP treatment for my hair fall, very good result, I think hair transplant can be delayed for couple of more years. Thanks
manish kumar
It was awesome experience with dr jasdeep ...I had bad acne scars ..taken.few sessions of fractional laser..appreciable results...very satisfied...strongly experienced
Sanjeev Sachdev
I came here for my wart removal . It is pain less procedure .I am thankful to Dr jasdeep for all guidance and support . I recommend centre for all derma related problems .
Rajni Sharma
My face is looking v gorgeous after few peeling and laser treatment...I had bad pigmentation on my face...thanks doctor . M now your pt for whole life
upendra tripathi
I visited many doctors for my fungal infection but it was not getting cured...but when I visited Dr.Jasdeep at skin aura clinic , my infection has gone totally ...she is best Dr for skin diseases
Rohit Sharma
I came here for my cyst on my back...Doctor did painless surgery with hardly any scar left...Thx Dr.Jasdeep...I strongly recommend Skin aura brain and spine neurocenter
Mr Saroj Singh
Thank u Jasdeeep mam.... U have removed my mole so beautifully that I myself cant find that scar.... Ur work speaks.
anupam roy
I consulted Dr Jasdeep for my long standing problem. She took a keen interest in my problem and suggested treatment which has given me relief. She was very considerate and caring. The ambience of her clinic was pleasing and the appointment process was smooth. Overall a very satisfying experience.
Mr Saurav Goyal
I got botox treatment. i was afraid of needles on face but i didnt feel anything and got my forehead line, crows feet frown line fixed. Now i am glowing, looks much younger. i would recommend everyone this truly professional doctor.
kamal kant gautam
i visited skin aura brain and spine neuro centre at DLF PHASE 4 GURGAON for Beard shaping and face whitening treatment. With 3 sessions yet pending, i am very satisfied. Dr Jasdeep kaur madam is the best.
diwan beniwal
I had blackish discolouration at nose when i went to hilly areas. I took treatment for the same from Dr jasdeep kaur. I got Q switch treatment after 2 sessions only ; I was back to normal. Thanks a ton, Dr Jasdeep is best cosmetologist.
Kitty Joy
I had severe back pain in march 18 when I lifted some heavy Bori. I was not given treatment by other doctor unless i do MRI. I consulted Dr Vikas kathuria. He examined me taking time xrays done and treatment was simple but best. He ruled out any disc prolapse. Now I am fine. He is really genuine and he understands our pockets too. Thanks.
Debdatta Banerjee
I visited dr. Jasdeep for my dull and uneven skin tone , I have taken few sessions of pealing and polishing. It was a great experience and the procedure was effective and the staff was really nice.. it was value for money. . I love the way they pamper your skin..👍
anita ani
My experience with this clinic is excellent. Dr Vikas treated my backache and I I got laser treatment for face. Dr Jasdeep is really an expert in lasers.
krishan kant
I visited Skin aura gurgaon 1 month back, I was referrred by my friend for laser of chest. After only 2 sessions , i feel the major difference, i m so happy. Thanks Dr jasdeep. Highl;y recommended.
Meenaxi Kumar
I got a carbon peel done.. .Amazing effect, so much of skin lightening.. M very very happy. Thx dr. Jasdeep
stretch marks is something that everyone hates n same was the case with me ... thought it will never go off n i have to live with it but yes m so happy, it has not gone totally but has improved a lot ... thanks for giving me my confidence back.. i love my body now thanks Dr Jasdeep
Akhil Dave
Dr. Vikas successfully cured my severe back pain, neck pain & nerve tingling issues. He did complete checkup and I am satisfied with his consultation.. Many Thanks
Aseem Ahuja
Stretch marks is something that everyone hates n same was the case with me .... Thought it will never go off n i have to live with bit but yes m so happy, it has not gone totally but has improved as lot.... thanx for giving me my cofidence back.... i love my body now. Thanx Dr
Alok Maurya
Madam is Best skin specialist with vast knowledge. I took treatment for skin lesion. I am perfectly fine now. I strongly recommend her for all types of skin lesions.
manoj kumar
I had very good experience with Dr Vikas. I had severe back pain. I was taking treatment from Orthopaedician. He advised some medications and complete bed rest. but it further worsened and I couldnt even stand properly after 1 month. I was very depressed.Then my family friend recommended SKIN AURA BRAIN AND SPINE NEURO CENTRE . He examined me and understood my problem. He told me that nothing is wrong in spine. there was deficiency of vitamin D and B 12. and lack of exercises. He advised the treatment, treat me very well and physiotherapy advise. i received in 2 Weeks. He is a genius and genuine doctor. thank you so much Dr vikas
i am really grateful to Dr. Vikas who has treated my brother for clot in brain... we lost all hopes but then somebody told us about Dr. Vikas... he specially came to Rohtak to see my brother... once he started the treatment really we saw the magic happening... thanks a ton Dr Vikas regards akshay gupta
i came for freckless on my face n i took laser from Dr. Jasdeep .. M soooo happy with her My face looks so clean now and i am very happy thanks mam
Jaspal Singh Pali
I was taking treatment for melasma from Dr jasdeep. My face is now completely clear.She is a wonderful dermatologist. I have recommended it to many of my relatives. They are also very happy and contended Please all come all n see the results for yourself!
dr bhatia
Dr.Jasdeep is a very nice and great Doctor. I have got done the skin surgery of my cousin sister under her. Before surgery she is in pain and we consulted to many doctors in Chandigarh but nothing improved. But when we bring her to SKIN AURA BRAIN AND SPINE NEURO CENTRE and met with Dr. jasdeep she advised that surgery need to be done. sHe had done the surgery and now my sister is fine and thanks to Dr.Jasdeep she is really very kind and helpful doctor she treat like a family member with the patients.
Amir Bhat
Thanx Doc..... m very happy with body lightening treatment which i took for my marriage .... its been six months still those results are there.
Mohit Kharbanda
Dr Jasdeep is Best cosmetologist . My face treatment by Dr Jasdeep and I am Very satisfied. Highly recommended.
thank you Jasdeep mam ... u have removed my mole so beautifully that i myself cant find that scar your work speaks ... thanks mam
Adhi Bhargav
Dr Jasdeep Kaur is best cosmetic and skin doctor. I am fully satisfied with the treatment. The set up is very nice.
Aman Gupta
Very good centre for all skin diseases. I took treatment for my beard shaping and face .Dr jasdeep is excellent.
chandrashekhar prasad
I took treatment from Dr Jasdeep Madam and she did a peel on my face .It was an amazing experience and now there is a lot of difference after 3 sessions.
sanjay sharma
Best neurosurgeon in New gurgaon. I get free after 7 pm and he is available when I need him. Thanks to him as he treated my low backache.
Sumit Kumar
I was suffering from headache and I was unable to sleep due to stress. I met Dr vikas in skin aura brain clinic. He listened to my problems patiently and prescribed treatment. Now I am confident to take any challenge in my life. Thanks.Dr vikas is best.
Christi Basu
I took cosmetology treatment from Dr Jasdeep Kaur. She is best skin doctor.I strongly recommend to all my female friends.
Ashad Narayanan
Dr vikas kathuria is one of the best neuro doctors in Gurugram. I recommend everyone to him about spine problems.
Piyush Mehta
very nice experience with Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, she was very kind and knowledgeable doctor ..would definitely recommend her :)
pradeep singh
I was suffering with backache for the last 4-5 years with no relief but since i met dr vikas I m very much relieved of my problem he is a good hearted person and listened to my problems very much impressed with his professional skill.
Urvi Bhagat
I visited Dr Jasdeep for thinning hairs on my friends recommendation. Her PRP treatment worked as a miracle as nothing was workin on my hairs. Thank you Dr Jasdeep
kamal kasana kasana
I was suffering from severe neck pain since almost 5 years and visited lot of doctors but there was no relief...finally one of my friend who got operated from dr sahab was very satisfied with him so I thought I will give a try...He is very polite knowledgable and humble man...HE listened my problem very patiently.He prescribed me few medicines and exercises,after which my pain has almost gone..I am very satisfied with Dr.vikas ..
Gautam Singh
I had small mole on my face but i wanted to get it removed as it made me conscious. I got laser Treatment from dr jasdeep . I am very happy.

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