head injury

How Long After Head Injury Do Symptoms Appear?

Head Injuries can be confusing because they may not give a painful sensation immediately. It might take a couple of hours or days for a person to realize the swell or wound. Sometimes, it also happens that a person feels perfectly okay throughout the day, and sudden pain is felt as soon as the head is rested on the pillow in the night. Some might wonder after many days why their scalp is hurting out of nowhere. Well, that is how head injuries are-with delayed symptoms.

What is a head injury?

Headaches may not be taken as head injuries unless someone faces a physical hurt there. They are injuries to the head, scalp, or even brain due to some external force. From being a normal bump to a traumatic brain wound, they vary in seriousness. Cuts, wounds, fractures, and concussions are some of the common types. But then no head injury should be ignored as it may become bothersome tomorrow. 

One should keep the following pointers in mind always as regard to head injuries.

  • Do not delay
  • Do not ignore
  • Do not hesitate
  • Do not be a self-claimed doctor

When can the symptoms of a head injury be felt?

It would be difficult to determine the exact number of hours or days to feel head injury symptoms. A person may feel the slightest bruise immediately or not feel a big bump for days. Bodies have a unique or probably special type of defense mechanism to protect the brain. Hence, it might be difficult for a medical supervisor to comment on an internal injury by glancing at hair or scalp.

There are two types of head injuries- internal and external. The time of reaction, healing period, medication, side-effects, etc., would differ in each case. However, problematic external problems should generally surface in a day or two. But the internal damages may not be noticeable until some medical tests or medical supervision is catered to.

When to see a doctor for a head injury?

If a person is fully conscious, does not face a blackout, or has no dizziness, that is, the person feels normal, then there might not be more to worry about. But it would always be best to seek a medical expert’s advice to stay on the safer side. However, one should seek immediate help for own (if the situation allows) or for others in the following cases:-

  • Confusion
  • Ambiguity
  • Continued pain
  • Unbearable pain
  • Unconsciousness¬†
  • Prolonged imbalance
  • Any other unusual or strange feeling

The absence of any abnormal symptom should not be taken as an assurance of non-injury. Doctors have had some cases where some small injuries bled profusely, but big injuries were not bothersome. One should monitor their behavior for a couple of days or consult a doctor for an immediate prescription. Head injuries are sensitive and should not be ignored. It is always wise to take good care even if some minor hit was suffered at the head. 

Stay alert! Stay assured!