Care Facial Skin During Lockdown

How To Care Facial Skin During Lockdown

In this current situation of lockdown, everyone is stuck at home. It is crucial that now everybody follow the quarantine and stays at home. But at times, it can be a slight bit difficult actually to ignore the health consequences this lockdown is causing. Change in routine, disturbed sleep schedule, anxiety, and stress are all becoming a major cause behind several health issues. But it’s not just health that is suffering; it is also one’s skin that is suffering. Off late, one might have noticed their skin to be looking dull, lifeless, without the glow and dry. This sudden lifestyle change is having an impact on one’s skin, just like on one’s body and mind.

Care Facial Skin

Some of how one can actually treat their skin and help the skin to get revives again are:

  • Treat dryness

Skin going all dry and dull means there is a lack of water in the body. Dehydration can cause the skin to look flaky, itchy, and tight. To avoid such dryness and to bring back the softness in the skin, drink lots of water. Keep the body hydrated at all times. Hydration should come from both sides. Use a good moisturizer to work from outside and drink fluids to hydrate from inside.

  • Treat dullness

Poor sleep and diet along with stress are making the skin look dull, sans the glow that it used to have. Also, when one is stuck inside the house, the dry heating or cooling system is making the skin regeneration a slow process. This is leading to the accumulation of dry cells on top, thus giving a dull look to the skin. The best way to treat the dullness is by eating water-rich food, drink water, and maintain a healthy skin routine. Try to exfoliate and mask the skin whenever possible and also apply hyaluronic acid to avoid dullness.

  • Treat sensitivity

These days everyone is spending most of the time in front of their computer, laptops and mobile phones. This caused an extended exposure of blue light to the skin. This can lead to sensitivity of the skin, inflammation, and uneven texture of the skin. To avoid such skin troubles and to keep the skin safe, apply SPF when in front of a screen and also apply a moisturizer with anti-oxidants in it. Also, if possible, try to keep the night mode on those devices which are used too often.

  • Treat breakouts

Another of the very common change that many are seeing on their skin is the increasing number of acne, whether it is under the skin type acne or full-blown acne. Change in lifestyle reduced physical activity, and stress is some of the common factors that are causing such breakouts. To avoid breakouts and to treat them, always try to have a healthier skin routine and be consistent about it. Also, have pimple patches handy to soothe the pimple and also to avoid picking it.

Final words

Skin is something that needs utmost care, and in trying time like these, it is even more crucial to take care of the skin. Try to maintain good habits even while being under lockdown. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, and have a good skincare regime to avoid skin problems.