Power Of Light Foot Massage At Night

Just Know The Power Of Light Foot Massage At Night

People often look for different ways of keeping their faces and hands healthy. They exfoliate, moisturize, and use different kinds of treatments and face masks to regain the luster and health of the skin. However, they often overlook other important body parts, such as their feet.

Light feet massage at night

Many times people feel discomfort or pain their feet but neglect it for a long time. A major part of the population does not realize how much care their feet need to stay healthy. Light feet massage, especially during the night, is one of the most efficient and effective home remedies. It cures different types of pain in other body parts as well.

Most importantly, there is enough evidence to show that people are using foot massage at night for a long time. Earlier it was done using warm coconut oil or mustard oil. However, over time new products have been introduced in the market.

Benefits of feet massage at night

  • Improves blood circulation– The first and the foremost thing that comes to everyone’s minds after hearing foot massage is improved blood circulation. Due to desk-bound jobs, people don’t emphasize much on their feet thus, hampering blood flow. Daily foot massage for at least 10-15 minutes can improve blood circulation significantly.
  • Better sleep– After a long and tiring day at work, everyone loves to have a relaxing and soothing foot massage before going to bed. People’s feet tend to sore up as they work for long hours. Luckily, a foot massage can relax the muscles and reduce pain, if any.
  • Relieve body pain– Another essential benefit of feet massage is that it helps to relieve pain and aches of different kinds in the body. There is enough evidence that shows it is effective for migraines, lower back pain, and upper back pain as well.
  • Lifts mood– Relaxation and pain relief often lead to a more cheerful and lifted mood. Feet massage is also a good option for destressing the body.
  • Reduce swelling– Feet massage is also highly renowned for reducing and eliminating swelling or soreness in feet. Moreover, regular foot massage also provides relief to pregnant ladies. It reduces swelling around ankles, which is common during and after pregnancy.

The best way of foot massage

Professional foot massage and therapy is not something that everyone can afford easily. Luckily people can do foot massage at home with just a few simple steps. Most importantly, light and moderate pressure are ideal for everyone. Various techniques are used for massaging the foot and all are equally effective.

  • People should begin with sitting comfortably on a chair and putting one leg on top of another. A little amount of warm oil or lotion will do wonders.
  • Next, hold the front side of the ankle with one hand and start pinching the back with thumb and forefinger.
  • People have to continue applying mild pressure along with bringing it towards the heel.
  • Use thumbs in a circular motion or apply pressure from the bottom to top.


There can not be anything more relaxing and soothing than light feet massage at night. People can use any oil or lotion for massaging. Moreover, they should also exfoliate their heels once in a while to remove dead skin cells and make it soft and smooth.