Causes & Prevention of Back Pain

Guide to Understanding Causes & Prevention of Back Pain

Back pain is affecting individuals all around the world. Due to changing lifestyles, it has become a common condition, even in youngsters. Unlike other parts of the body, the back is crucial. The backbone affects the way we walk, co-ordinate different body parts, sit, and so forth. If any problem arises in the back, it could lead to serious health problems. Thus, it becomes important to know the Causes & prevention of Back pain. This way, many back-related problems could be avoided and it can be strengthened.

What are the different reasons for back pain?

Back pain could be caused by a lot of reasons. Back pain is different from muscle soreness and it is easy to differentiate between the two. While muscles soreness heals quickly and doesn’t affect bodily functions, back pain can be identified because of the following :

  • Damage to the ligament in the back is the most common cause. It could happen due to sudden lifting of weight or heavy lifting.
  • Ruptured discs could also cause back pain. The discs shift from their place and start to press the nerves in the spinal cord which causes back pain.
  • If the bone density is low, the backbone could hurt. This condition is called osteoporosis and affects almost every bone in the body.

How to cure back pain?

Some of the common treatments adopted by people and advised by professionals include:

  • Exercising daily strengthens the whole body. By staying fit, the back strengthens and no sudden damage is caused to it even on lifting weights.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet is important to avoid osteoporosis or any such condition. If appropriate nutrition is reaching the bones, they will stay strong.
  • One of the common mistakes that people commit is to not maintain a proper posture. Sitting or lying down in awkward positions could harm the structure and integrity of the backbone. Therefore, awkward positions should be avoided.