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The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape

Since Cara Delevingne came on the scene, she has not only become the most relatable model, but she has also made big eyebrows cool again. After years of over-plucking our brows, it was the wake-up call we all needed, and we finally realized that a thin strip of hair was not our best look. Nonetheless, it is not true that a universal size exists for anything. It’s crazy how finding the right brow shape for your face can make it look more balanced and even take years off your appearance. You can take help with eyebrow laser treatment in Delhi. So, we’ve made a list of every beautiful face shape and how to shape your brows to match.

How to Trim Your Eyebrows

It takes a lot of skill to shape your eyebrows. It’s like a mix of art and math because finding the right arch depends on the angles and proportions of your face. When you shape your eyebrows, they should be as symmetrical and balanced as possible. Generally, you should always shape your eyebrows with two shades, giving them more depth. Create a dark line at your arch and fill in the rest of your hair. Then, fill your brow’s front part with a lighter shade.

How to Decide Which Eyebrow Shape is Best for Your Face

A dermatologist in Delhi says, there are a lot of different eyebrow shapes you can choose from. There are many ways to shape eyebrows. You can have thicker eyebrows with a higher arch, thinner eyebrows with a sharper arch, straight eyebrows, or soft arches. Here are the three most important things to remember when shaping your eyebrows:

  • The inner corner of your eyebrow should line up with the outer corner of your nose. 
  • Your eyebrow’s arch should follow your eyes.
  • The outer corners of your eyebrows should be a little bit after the ends of your eyes.

Faces can be round, diamond-shaped, square, long, heart-shaped, or oval. Just like some styles of bangs look better on some face shapes, some shapes of eyebrows look better on others. Find out below which eyebrow shapes look best with which face conditions.

How to Draw Eyebrows for Round Faces

Sharp, angled brows give a round face more shape. If you have a more prominent look, ensure your eyebrows are full and thick. This goes well with a forehead that curves and cheekbones that stick out. If you have a small face, choose eyebrows that aren’t as thick.

Eyebrows for Faces with an Oval Shape

According to a Skin Specialist Doctor in Delhi, the best thing about an oval face is that it looks good with any brow shape. Because oval faces tend to be more balanced or symmetrical, all eyebrow shapes work well with them.

Eyebrows for Faces That Look Like a Heart

Heart-shaped faces look great, with thick brows that have a soft arch. With a broader forehead, the full thickness works well. The soft arch flows smoothly from the forehead to the eyeliner without making a face look too dramatic.

Eyebrows for Round Faces

Square faces look good with a curved arch set a little high. Its height makes a face look longer because of how high it is. The shape of the face is softened by the way the brows are arched. If the ends of your eyebrows are too low, it can make your eyes look sad.

Eyebrows for Diamond Faces 

Your wide cheekbones will look better if your eyebrows are curved to make your forehead look wider. Put them together with angled arches to smooth out the shape of your face.

Eyebrows for Round/Square Faces

Soft or straight arches are the best way to make a long face look wider. Give them a small, smooth curve at the end if you want straight eyebrows. Soft brows soften hard lines on the face. Your long face will look more like a heart if you have thicker eyebrows because they will make your forehead look wider.

Now that you know what shape of the brow will look best on your face let’s talk about how to fill in thin brows. Here’s how to make your eyebrows thicker so you can try different ways to shape them!

How to Make Thick Eyebrows

  • Put castor oil on your eyebrows to make them thicker naturally.
  • You can also use cream or pomade and style your eyebrows with an angled brush to make them look fuller.
  • With a small brush, gently brush your eyebrows backward to make them look fuller. To make your eyebrows look fuller, brush them against how they grow.
  • To make your eyebrows look fuller, use your finger and some cream. Move your finger against how the eyebrows naturally grow and in the shape you want.
  • What you eat can affect how fast your eyebrow hair grows. Make sure you eat a well-rounded diet if you want your eyebrows to get thicker.
  • Rub some oil into your eyebrows before you go to bed at night. You get more blood flow when you massage your eyebrows, and your hair grows faster.

Eyebrows can be hard to get right, and it’s challenging to figure out how they should look. If you come to Skin Aura Brain and Spine Neuro Center, we can help you with everything. Want to know more about the shapes of eyebrows, faces, and other things? We got you. We’ll do anything about eyebrows.