Brain Tumor Treatment in Gurgaon

Non-Invasive or Non-Surgical Treatment Alternatives for Brain Tumor

When abnormal cells in the brain grow out of control, this is called a brain tumor. If the brain tumor starts in the brain, it is called a “primary” brain tumor. On the other hand, it is secondary if the cancer cells come from different parts of the body, like the breasts or lungs.

Nerve cells, glands, brain cells, and the meninges are where primary brain tumors can start. Cancers like breast, skin, lung, and kidney cancer can cause malignant secondary tumors.

Can you treat a brain tumor?

If a brain tumor is benign or in grade 1, it may be possible to treat it. But a grade 2 brain tumor can also be treated. Whether it can be treated depends on the patient’s age and the type of therapy used. The brain tumor is cancerous and is in stage 3. In these situations, surgery might not permanently cure the whole problem.

Even after surgery to remove the brain tumor, the tumor comes back. The brain tumor in stage 4 is very dangerous. Patients who have had surgery may only have four to twelve months to live.

With new ideas and cutting-edge technology, brain tumor specialist in Gurgaon has come up with many new ways to treat brain tumors that can extend a patient’s life without surgery. Here are some ways to treat a brain tumor without surgery.

Brain tumors can be treated without surgery or other invasive methods

In this age of advanced technology, people are coming up with many new ways to treat people with brain tumors that don’t involve surgery. Some non-invasive surgical procedures used to treat brain tumors are:

Steroids: Most people think of hormones when they hear “steroids.” Athletes use steroid hormones to build muscle. These medicines are different from those used to treat brain tumor symptoms. Corticosteroids are steroids that are given to a patient before or after surgery. They can cause the brain to swell and fluid to build up around a tumor.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a method that is often used to treat cancers other than brain tumors. The blood-brain barrier keeps the brain from communicating with other organs and systems. This makes it less effective at fighting brain tumors.

When chemotherapy drugs are injected into a vein or taken by mouth, the drugs may not reach the cancer cells in the brain. This makes the medications less effective.

Still, chemotherapy can be an effective way to treat a brain tumor in the following situations:

  • When the tumor proliferates
  • When surgery is done, and a chemotherapeutic drug is put into the ventricle of the brain through a catheter
  • When radiation and chemotherapy are used together but surgery has not been done
  • When medulloblastoma or lymphoma is found in a patient

Radiation therapy: It is a mix of radiation and radio-surgery techniques. The radiation method sends radiation beams into the body from the outside. In the radio-surgical method, a radioactive element is put into the body.

  • This is used to treat brain tumors when surgery is not an option.
  • As a palliative treatment, it may be used to shrink the size of the tumor. 
  • It is also used after surgery to make the brain tumor less likely to return. Radiation therapy is often used to treat brain tumors. 

Electro-field therapy: It is a non-invasive way to stop tumor cell growth without hurting any of the body’s healthy tissues. In electro-field therapy, batteries are attached to a person’s back, and four electrodes are put on their heads. Chemotherapy plus electro-field therapy is a very effective way to treat brain tumors and make the patient live longer.

Targeted therapy: Two types of targeted therapy are used to treat brain tumors:

  • Angiogenesis inhibitors: This treatment blocks the vascular endothelial growth factor using monoclonal antibodies. Blocking the growth factor that helps the tumor grow by getting food from the blood vessel can slow cancer growth. So, this is an excellent way to treat Glioblastomas (a malignant brain tumor).
  • Protein inhibitors mTOR: This protein helps the tumor grow. Different drugs are used to stop this protein from being made, which makes the patient live longer.
  • Treatment of symptoms: This is a non-invasive way to eliminate the symptoms caused by a brain tumor. Some medicines and treatments used to help people feel better and have a better quality of life are corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, and hormonal treatments.

Alternative and Integrative Medicine: People choose alternative treatments or therapies.

Since it’s not possible to check and confirm all alternative methods accurately, treatment should be careful not to be both safe and effective. Patients need to be careful. For traditional therapies, you should be cautious and talk to your brain tumor surgery doctor in Gurgaon. If necessary, many doctors will agree to alternative treatments in addition to traditional ones.

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