Early Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Know the Early Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Our brain is one of the most important organs of our body, as it gives the ability to think and understand things. However, our brain is also subjected to multiple chronic diseases. One of such diseases is the brain tumor which is no doubt one of the very deadly diseases. However, an important point to note here is that, the sooner you one catches the early signs and symptoms of brain tumor, the faster and easier it gets to recover.

The tumor’s symptoms depend on its location and how big it is. If you have a brain tumor, you should consult the Best Brain Tumor Surgery Doctor available in Gurgaon. The slow-growing tumors might not cause any symptoms as such. 

Things to know about Brain tumors:

As per brain tumor specialist in Gurgaon, the brain tumor is divided into two parts:

Primary- Under this, the brain cells tend to grow and abnormally multiply, which leads to a brain tumor.

Secondary- Under this, abnormal cells feature spreads to the brain from another body part. These are some of the most common types of tumors. They mainly spread through the bloodstream. ‘

Common causes of brain tumor:

The risk of a brain tumor increases if you are overweight or you follow an unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as it may trigger abnormal cell growth as per experts that offer brain tumor surgery hospital, the risk of tumor increases as you start aging. When normal cells develop changes in the DNA, the primary brain tumor starts. The mutations allow the cells to develop and grow in no time, and they continue living when the healthy skin cells start dying. 

When should you seek a doctor?

If you see some symptoms, then you shouldn’t get stressed as it doesn’t have to mean that you have a brain tumor. These symptoms tend to overlap with other conditions, so it is vital to connect with the right doctor. It is mainly because early treatment or diagnosis can give you a better outlook towards brain tumors. 


Headaches- one of the most common symptoms of brain tumors is worsening headaches. And a brain tumor can put a lot of pressure on your sensitive nerves and blood vessels. The headache worsens if you exercise or cough. You can get headaches for various reasons.


Brain tumors have the ability to push the structure of the brain. Through this, they interface with those electric signals in between the never cells, leading to seizures.  he first sign of a brain tumor is a seizure, and it can happen anytime. 

Memory loss:

If there are any tumors in the brain, then there can be memory problems, and it mainly affects the temporal lobe. It can happen at almost any stage. Lastly, you should see a doctor if you have severe memory issues.

Don’t ever take the above-mentioned symptoms lightly, as this could cost you or your loved one’s life. It is important to be aware of the early symptoms, and act upon them with the help of the expert in Gurgaon at the earliest.