Keep Your Spine healthy & Flexible

8 Ways to Keep Your Spine healthy & Flexible

Back pain can occur for various reasons like any medical conditions or injury at any age. Lower back pain is usually linked to discs between the vertebrae, bony lumbar spine, ligaments around the disc and spine. The professionals in Gurgaon through the Slip disc surgery can help the patient if the back pain is due to the gap between the disc. Miss spine surgery done by SAB Clinic professionals in Sushant lok Gurgaon treats back pain caused due to complications in the spine.

In this sedentary lifestyle, back pain is widespread; hence it is imperative to take care of your spin.

Here are 8 Ways to Keep Your Spine healthy & flexible

Maintain a healthy weight:

 To avoid the problem of back pain, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight, which can be done with the help of a healthy diet and exercise.  If you are overweight the chances, are you might be more prone to low back pain. Belly fat can put extra stress on ligaments, muscles, tendons, and lumbar spine fusion cases in Gurgaon increase.

Lift right:

 Sometimes people get injured in the gym as they lift heavy weights and twist in the wrong way. In such cases spine complication occurs, miss spine surgery in sushant lok Gurgaon specialises in treating it. However, it is essential to lift the weight correctly. Try to stand close to the object; one should use their knees to pull up the item. Don’t lift too heavy things.

Keep your posture correct:

To check if your posture is correct or not, stand against a wall with your heels. Your buttocks, calves, shoulder, and back of the head must touch the wall. One must be able to slop their hand behind their back.  Now stand normally and correct your posture.

Limit your phone use:

It is pretty difficult to limit your phone usage in the era of like comment share and follow; however, occasional texting is ok. But as we use phones and type on them, we bend our head and spine; it can stress our vertebrae. Due to wrong posture, you might face plenty of issues, and in that case, you might have to get Slip disc surgery in Gurgaon performed by the specialist.

Take breaks:

If your job requires you to sit at one place for an extended period, don’t forget to take breaks in every 1 hour, take at least one break and stretch. Also, sit straight on your spine if your job requires you to sit for long hours.

Avoid high heels:

The high heel might look stylish, but they are not suitable for your back. The high heel affects the centre of gravity and puts stress on the lower back. if you are too fond of using heels, use one-inch heels only

Lighten your wallet:

Keeping their wallet in the pants’ back pocket and sitting on the overcrowded wallet can cause minor discomfort and sometimes even back pain. Also, if you are going on a long drive, don’t forget to take your wallet out of your pocket for maximum comfort.

Sleep well:

If you are experiencing back pain, it might also be related to your sleeping position. Take medical help and ask your doctor about the best position for sleeping; he might give some good suggestions. If you sleep on your back, use one pillow under your lower back and one on your knees. Please do not sleep on your stomach; it can alleviate back pain. After the lumbar spine fusion in Gurgaon, the doctor suggests sleeping on one side and putting a pillow between the knees.

Back pains are the worst, as back is supposed to be the joining factor in your body. Hence, to stay away from such issues, it is always important that you eat well, drink fluids more and sleep well. In case of even minor issues, don’t delay in vising an expert in Gurgaon.