laser treatment for your scar

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Laser Treatment For Your Scar

We always say that looks do not matter- what harm can a scar on your body do if you have a great personality? But, let’s face it- if we suddenly get a noticeable spot on the exposed part of our body, even though people may turn a blind eye towards it, it does hamper our confidence to a certain extent. Some of us accept it eventually as a part of our beautiful self, but some of us want to get rid of it- and both choices are individually respected. So, if you have a scar and you want to get rid of it, you must have surely heard about the go-to treatment for scar “removal”, laser treatment. So here is what you should know before going in for the laser treatment. 


  1. Your scar will not “disappear.”

No matter how promising and far-fetched it may sound, laser treatment cannot make your scar disappear absolutely! It can reduce your car’s appearance to a pretty good extent, but you cannot expect it to change your skin magically. In simple words, laser treatment replaces your old prominent spot with a less noticeable one.


  1. The results depend upon the skill of the dermatologist’s hand.

Laser treatment requires a significant amount of skill. Make sure that you choose a verified, certified, experienced dermatologist to perform the treatment. A skilled hand is sure to give you the results you are looking for. But if the one performing the laser treatment is inexperienced or careless, laser treatment may go wrong and may even be potentially harmful.


  1. You must have a medical consultation.

Laser treatment is such that these days, it has taken the world by storm. People go in for cheap and convenient laser treatments from any fancy-looking place. Watch out! Laser treatment is like minor surgery, and you must have a medical consultation if you decide to go in for it. Let your doctor check your skin type, tell him/her the history of your car, if you are on some medication, your allergies, or if you have diabetes. Do not hide anything from your doctor so that the process of laser treatment may succeed without any complication.


  1. Sun protection is essential.

Yes, we know that you love the sun. But you cannot go for laser treatment with a tan or a sunburn. You have to use quite a bit of sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun before you go in for the laser treatment. Even post laser, you must essentially protect your skin from the sun till your skin heals entirely. Otherwise, your skin may get even more damaged.


  1. You may need to change your lifestyle:

Your dermatologist will give you a detailed account about what you need to do to ensure a smooth treatment, but here we enlist some fundamental lifestyle changes that you may need to undertake:

  • You must refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before the treatment.
  • You will be given an entire list of medications and supplements that you will need to stop taking- such as Vitamin E and glycolic acid that you will need to discontinue.
  1. Additional steps:

Maybe you have opted only for a laser treatment, but for some scars, such as an accident or deep acne scars, laser treatment alone may not prove satisfactory. In this case, your dermatologist might suggest you get fillers as well… you might want to keep these things in mind.


  1. The number of sittings:

More often than not, laser treatments are not a one-sitting job. To get better and long-lasting results, your dermatologist will often suggest you have 3 to 4 sittings of laser treatment with a gap of some time between them. 


  1. Aftercare:

The treatment is just one step- but you have to take extra care of your treated area at home after the treatment. As mentioned before, you have to protect your skin from the sun. Also, there may be specific products that your dermatologist will ask you to refrain from using over the treated area.


  1. Results take time to appear:

You may be able to see an immediate improvement, but it will take some time (maybe even months) for the full effect of the treatment to appear.


  1. Insurance cover:

Laser treatments are indeed not cheap. You may look up to your medical insurance to cover the cost, but it is not so. Although the laser treatment does help with the scar itch and facilitates movement restricted due to the scar, the insurance companies place laser treatment under the cosmetic surgeries they do not cover.


Lastly, I would like to let you know that scars do not define your personality. They show strength, recovery and are a sign of your resilience- do not ever be embarrassed by them. On the other hand, you have every right to make your body look like you want it to, if you feel that getting rid of a scar will boost your confidence- you must go for it!