Keyhole Spine Surgery

What Do You Need to Know About Keyhole Spine Surgery?

Keyhole spine surgery is one of the most demanding surgeries in the current times, and there are many individuals who are looking forward to knowing more about it. Hence, before actually coming to why keyhole spine surgery is important, it is always better to understand what we mean by keyhole spine surgery and what benefit it provides. Hence, in this thread, we will be giving a brief about keyhole spine surgery to make individuals more aware.

What is keyhole spine surgery, often known as minimally invasive spine surgery?

As its name implies, these techniques are a highly sophisticated form of spine surgery that uses very small incisions, resulting in less injury to normal tissues and speedier post-surgical healing. Tubular Retractors are specific operative equipment that is used in minimally invasive spine procedures.

These are placed into the spinal column through small incisions, producing a tunnel-like entrance to the location to be operated on. The tubular retractor is used to keep the muscles open throughout the process. When contrasted to open procedures, this ensures that blood loss and damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones are minimal.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries have the following advantages:

  • Very small surgical incisions 
  • Less tissue/ muscle damage 
  • Minimal blood loss 
  • Less pain 
  • Minimal pain relievers 
  • Fewer post-surgical complications, such as infections 
  • Shorter hospital stays (only 1 or 2 days after surgery) 
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Faster return to normal life 
  • Lower incidence of surgery-related back pain.

For senior individuals, minimally invasive spine operations are particularly beneficial because the related issues are considerably reduced. It is particularly beneficial for obese/overweight people because the recovery time is reduced, and they can begin walking the next day.

When will the patient be able to return home after surgery?

Many patients can leave the hospital the same day they get keyhole spinal surgery because the incision is small and the blood loss is modest. However, it is dependent on the operation you are having and how quickly you recuperate. Most patients in our country want to spend at least one day to gain confidence and, in many cases, for insurance concerns.

Some spine procedures only necessitate small internal incisions in the discs and bone tissue. In this instance, you may be able to go home following surgery within a few hours. Other keyhole spinal operations, such as lumbar fusion, may necessitate a brief stay in the hospital to ensure that your condition is stable before you leave.

How Long Does Keyhole Spinal Surgery Take to Recover from?

The recovery time after minimally invasive spinal surgery is less than that of traditional open surgery. It’s because keyhole techniques use small incisions and inflict less injury to the lumbar muscle.

A surgeon will monitor your progress, who will advise you when it is safe to resume routine activities after surgery. You can be certain, however, that you will heal within a few weeks of operation in a natural manner.