Know About Epilepsy And Seizures in Children

What You Need to Know About Epilepsy And Seizures in Children!

Epilepsy is a type of neurological disorder, which affects people of all age groups. Though, the causes of seizures are found more in young children as compared to adults. It is not exactly known why a developing brain is more vulnerable to seizures than a grown-up brain. A child is said to be suffering from epilepsy when the seizures occur repeatedly.

You as parents have to be more responsible if your child is having epilepsy. You not only have to pay attention to the normal concerns of his/her childhood but also have to look into your child’s psychological aspects, while handling with the disorder in your day to day life.

Know About Epilepsy And Seizures in Children

You may help your child deal with the problem in the following ways:

Counseling: It is quite possible that your child may experience offended and get emotional issues, like depression or lack of confidence. Encourage your child to have a positive attitude towards life and his/her disorder.

Making him/her strength to face the reality: Try to make your child come to terms with reality by helping him/her to realize that even though he/she might be different, he/she shouldn’t look upon the circumstance as something which is abnormal. You must try to make your child concentrate on his/her strengths at such times.

Engage your child in various activities: Help your child participate in various activities of his/her choice to bring in positivity in life.

Family counseling: Make sure that your other children be aware of their sibling’s disorder and if he/she feels ignored try and spend more time with him/her. If required, look for a family counseling session to make everyone understand how to deal with your child’s ailment.

Proper medication: Learn about your child’s medication schedule properly and also find out what to do if any dose of medicine is missed.

Make him/her feel relaxed: Develop an environment where he/she feels comfortable and can simply share a concern or anxieties with others.

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