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Laser Hair Removal or Reduction

hair removal treatment in gurgaon Who doesn't want a flawless and smooth skin? Having a hairy skin can be embarrassing sometimes, especially for the girls wearing shorts and cut sleeves. Laser Hair Removal is one of the medical & Cosmetic procedures which is used to remove the unwanted skin hairs permanently. A laser light is transmitted to the skin which is absorbed by the melanin and helps to damage the hair follicles which produce hairs.

Hair Removal does not offer a permanent hair reduction solution although it delays the hair growth for the long periods. It means laser hair removal will surely avoid the shaving, waxing and tweezing procedure. laser hair removal is not a one-day procedure, it requires several sittings and then maintenance sitting for the better results.These days this procedure is not only famous amongst females but equally preferred by men also.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Nowadays, Lasers are taken as the safe procedure. When it comes to the laser hair reduction, it offers great advantages to the whole body which are listed below:-

  • It is used to treat the unwanted hairs from the face, leg, arm, underarms, bikini line and other areas.
  • It targets the dark and coarse hairs removing it safely without causing any skin damage.
  • Laser light takes a fraction of hairs in a second and thus it is the speedy & faster work area. Small areas like upper lips can be treated less than minutes whereas arms, legs may take up an hour.
  • Laser hair removal is unpredictable sometimes. It may prove to be permanent for some people after 3-7 sessions.
  • It doesn't hamper the skin tone, it just damages the hair follicles stopping the hair growth.
  • Suitable for the lighter skin having darker hairs

Earlier it was difficult to remove the light colored hairs such as grey, red, blond and white but now, laser light is available for the light hairs as well.

laser hair reduction in gurgaon

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal needs extra care to remove the unwanted hairs. It is one of the proven Cosmetic medical Procedures required adequate knowledge to avoid the risks. So before going for the laser hair removal treatment, take a prior appointment with the skin doctor who may recommend the following Tips:-

  • Stop doing waxing, plucking, electrolysis etc before the laser treatment. These temporary procedures remove the hair roots which may difficult the laser process.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure for 6 weeks as it may create complications while making the laser hair removal technique less effective. Sunscreen can be used before leaving doctor’s clinic
  • Avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin as they cause blood thinning.
  • Post procedure whatever hair growth will be seen can be taken care off by doing shaving or trimming

Apart from that doctor may review the medical history or may check for any skin disorders in the past. He will discuss the risks involved, will guide you the after treatment procedures, will take before after photos so as to show the visible results, will provide you the exact cost of the whole procedure.

If there is no or little difference between the skin tone and the hairs, the process may damage the skin because laser lights are less likely to absorb by the light colored hairs such as red, grey, blond and white. Laser technique is effective for the darker hairs. Being the risk involved, it is always recommended to choose the best dermatologist in Gurgaon having experience and specialty in dermatology or cosmetic surgery.

The process of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment:

Sittings for laser session will depend on the hair growth. For example, upper lips area may require the session after every 4-6 weeks due to quick hair growth, whereas the back area may require the sitting after 12-16 weeks due to slow hair growth.

The doctor will offer you to wear the Goggles to protect your eyes from the effects of the laser beams. Before performing the laser process, he may shave the area once again. To avoid the pain or discomfort, the doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to your skin.

To start with the process, Doctor will press a hand-held laser instrument having the cooling device on the tip of the instrument. It will protect the skin or may lessen the risk of side-effects. While performing, the laser beam will pass through the skin to the hair follicles by damaging the same from the heat. This will inhibit the hair growth.

Once you are done with the laser hair reduction task, one should follow the given tips:-

  • May apply the ice on the treated areas to reduce the discomfort and redness.
  • If you have any skin allergy, apply the steroid cream to the affected areas.
  • One should also avoid the sun rays or sun exposure to avoid the skin damage. for this, broad-spectrum sunscreen can be used daily.

We all know, hairs removal technique will show the different results to the different people. One may see the results after the 3 sessions or some may experience the results after the 7 sessions. Laser hair treatment will surely offer the long-term result. Once the stage of hair growth raises, on may go through the same procedures once again. So to have a safe laser hair reduction treatment in Gurgaon, consult the Skin Aura center and get the soothing skin.

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