Epilepsy – When to Seek Medical Help?

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder in which a person has recurrent seizures. A seizure may occur due to a genetic disorder or a result of trauma or stroke. A seizure is an abnormal, uncontrollable discharging of the brain’s nerve cells, resulting in a momentary disturbance of motor, sensory, or mental function.

Medical help for epilepsy

Epilepsy itself cannot be cured through medication, but appropriate medicines help in avoiding recurrent seizures. These medications stabilize the electrical activity within the brain and prevent seizures.

How effective is the medication for epilepsy ?

The effectiveness of controlling seizures through medications depends on the type and severity of epilepsy. Generally, the medicines for epilepsy are very effective and can fully keep seizures under control. However, controlling seizures caused due to brain problems may be trickier. Normally, epilepsy medicines can control seizures for a long period when taken regularly.

When is medical help needed?

The first seizure is a reason to visit your doctor or a hospital’s emergency section. For somebody with a diagnosed seizure disorder, any change in seizure patterns or more frequent seizures may need medical help.

Visiting a hospital’s emergency department is not required for everyone with a seizure. However, some seizures are emergencies, like :

  • A seizure that happens for more than 5 minutes
  • Breathing trouble
  • Constant confusion or unconsciousness
  • Injuries sustained during a seizure
  • A first seizure

For making the most out of the medicines to control seizures, you must follow certain steps :

  • You must get medications exactly as your doctor has prescribed.
  • Before changing to generic versions of your medications or before having other prescribed medicines, you must consult your doctor.
  • Never stop taking medicines for epilepsy.
  • Talk to your doctor straight away if you experience any depression, mood swings and suicidal thoughts.