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Hymenoplasty – Who Need it and Treatment Procedures

Hymenoplasty is the cosmetic surgical procedure to construct, restore and repair the hymen of women. It is also medically termed as Hymenorrhaphy which is the cosmetic restoration process of hymen. It is the procedure to re-establish the intactness of torn hymen through which the virginity of the women is presumed. Hymen is the pink colour thin membrane that covers the opening or entrance of the vagina. Hymen is situated lust ½ inch inside the vagina and it is the part of vulva which is the main entrance of vagina.

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The prime role of Hymen is not yet discovered, but it is considered as the vaginal barrier against all the external sources of infection. During the first intercourse the hymen tends to rapture. But there are also other conditions when it is ruptured like strenuous physical activities. Using tampons can also cause rapture in the hymen early than expected. There are some women who are born without the hymen. So, to restore, construct or repair the hymen in women, the surgical procedure called Hymenoplasty is performed.

Who Need a Hymenoplasty?

  • During sexual assaults, women were left with traumatic psychological problems and they feel that she is robbed of not only her innocence, but also the opportunity to present intact virginal hymen to the person of their choice. To restore or repair the intactness of hymen Hymenoplasty can be performed to reclaim their control.
  • Sexual experimentation and curiosity are the natural process of growing age, especially during hormonal changes and this urges for sexual intercourse. Due to peer pressure the intactness of hymen may rapture and when the girl matures she regret for her curiosity to have intercourse earlier which lead to rupturing of hymen. So, Hymenoplasty is the procedure which can help her to restore the intactness of hymen to enjoy life again.
  • Women who are born without hymen can also undergo this surgical procedure in order to enhance their sexual pleasure. It is a part of cosmetic surgical procedure which is not only performed to repair or re-establish the hymen, but also performed to construct a new hymen to enjoy the enhanced sexual pleasure on bed.

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  • Imperforate Hymen is the condition where the opening of vagina is covered by the hymen. The condition is not discovered until puberty and her menstrual cycle is hindered. So, the surgical procedure is performed to correct it by making a small hole in the membrane to promote proper flow of blood.
  • During rigours physical activities like cycling, horse riding, slipping o ice, tampon insertion and more accidental rapture of hymen may occur and with the surgical procedure the damaged hymen is repaired.

Different Procedures to Perform Hymenoplasty Treatment!

  • Basic Technique – The first treatment procedure for ruptured hymen is to stitch the hymen together. It is performed when there are remains of hymen. It is performed under general or local anaesthesia to avoid the discomfort and pain. The torn parts of hymen are sewed together and the stitches are dissolved automatically.
  • Alloplant Method – This is the procedure which is performed when the remains of torn hymen can’t be stitched back. A biomaterial is inserted by the surgeon in vagina and it would work as artificial hymen. The procedure takes hardly 60-90 minutes and it is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • Hymen Reconstruction – This is the procedure where new hymen is created using the tissues extracted from lip of vagina. After the procedure you need to abstain from the intercourse for at least 90 days.

    The surgery would take anything around 1-2 hours depending upon amount of repairing required.

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