PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Best suited for: hair loss, thinning hair, male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, hypotrichosis. PRP Hair Restoration Therapy is a treatment that seeks to harvest the natural growth factors found in the blood and redistribute these growth factors on the scalp. PRP causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth. PRP activates follicular cells (adult stem cells). Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is produced using the patient’s blood which is centrifuged to separate the blood components – red and white blood cells from the platelets and plasma – resulting in a clear fluid of plasma which contains a higher number of platelets. Platelets play an important role in the body’s rejuvenation process, helping tissue heal and grow new cells. They contain substances called “growth factors” that activate and rejuvenate cells in our body. PRP Hair Restoration therapy is effective for both male and female pattern hair loss. The PRP procedure has also re-grown hair in alopecia areata, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other cases with non-hereditary hair loss. It also promotes & accelerates the recovery after a hair transplant. New hair growth can be seen as early as 2-3 months, but is typically evident between 5-8 months and continues to improve up to a year after treatment.


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